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Air-Vac DRS24-25

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 19 17:09:56 EDT 2007 | hegemon

We have both DRS24 and DRS25 Lead Free rework is done for the most part on the DRS25, although the DRS24 can handle some of our smaller pbFree assemblies. We bought the DRS25 machine new, it was not an upgrade. The machine is very successful at pb

Air-Vac DRS24-25

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 18 11:18:46 EDT 2007 | rmitchell

Hi, Anyone have the DRS25 rework machine and use it for lead free BGA's? Anyone upgraded their DRS24 to a DRS25? We may pay to upgrade our 24 to a 25 to improve our Lead Free BGA rework process. Thanks, Rob

Looking for a rework station with vision system

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 24 17:34:18 EDT 2009 | hegemon

DRS22 is not really comparable to the DRS25 due to a huge difference in the bottom heat technology used on those machines. If the PCBs are light enough the huge power of the DRS25 bottom heater is likely not needed, though. I would ask about your pr

BGA not level when placed

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 26 10:27:12 EST 2008 | hegemon

We have both DRS24 and DRS25 here. I think you will be much happier with the DRS25 as the underboard heating is superior, of course after a year of using the 25, it has its caveats as well, though minimal. I was a little surprised that you are havin

BGA: reworking BGAs, testing and inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 11 15:07:49 EST 2010 | hegemon

With regards to the rework, size and mass of the PCBs is important, in addition to the size of the components that are to be reworked. You might be in the game with $6K (APE Chipmaster Hot Air machine with Preheater or similar setup) if you have sma

BGA rework

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 09 11:22:44 EDT 2009 | pcbrown

There are several out there. We will be doing some proprietary BGA installation in-house and I need a rework station. Has anyone had any experience with Focal Spot RD-500? Air-Vac DRS25? Or is there a better system out there for occasional to light u

BGA Alignment

Electronics Forum | Wed May 09 08:25:53 EDT 2012 | almoore

I don't have a placement machine available that will do the job reliably. An Air Vac DRS25 would work well if I had one but I can't afford it. A simple change to the part and cell would allow anyone to rework these parts without expensive equipment


Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 20 18:21:55 EDT 2007 | Hegemon

Consider how the vast majority of PCBs with BGAs are produced. Forced air convection. Anything that comes closer to duplication of the original soldering profile is what you desire. Did they build it with IR or Convection? The process engineer wa

Lead-Free BGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 26 15:36:57 EDT 2007 | bjrap3

The board thickness is 50 thousandths. The style of the BGA is a 324 ball BGA that has an isolated center region. The machine that I am using is the Air-Vac DRS25. I'm not too sure why the pads are being removed when I am desoldering. I know when

Lead-Free BGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 28 16:55:45 EDT 2007 | hegemon

Hey Brian, Did you use the auto profile feature on your DRS25 machine to arrive at your profile? Our DRS25 has been doing quite well at larger BGA components. Most critical is a good preheat until the PCB reaches at least 140c, followed by a 2degC

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