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solder pot

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 19 09:39:44 EST 2005 | 4rides

I find myself in possesion of a solder pot from a production machine that was sent to scrap. The scrap man was uninterested in the 2 ton pot. Does this thing have value ?? Or am I stuck with a hunk of Hasmat ???

solder pot

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 19 09:45:19 EST 2005 | russ

Is it full of solder? If so, It has quite a bit of value.

solder pot

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 19 10:11:19 EST 2005 | 4rides

Perhaps a TON in Washington DC

Solder pot contamination

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 09 20:47:21 EDT 2004 | KEN

I think OA flux left on the pot would quickly looses its activity and become part of the dross waste stream, and smoke stream for that matter. Also, if your wave is setup properly your selective pallets will scour (push) the top of the lambda wav

WSOL and solder pot

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 12 12:28:52 EDT 2008 | operator

I recently witnessed a process in which the solder pot operator used Techspray WSOL water soluble masking to cover the areas around a connector that was to be soldered on the solder pot. He did not wait for the WSOL to cure. He soldered immediately.

solder pot analysis

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 14 21:14:58 EDT 2021 | mekmat544

Hello, I would lke to ask you about one issue. I am finding maximal level of impurity in solder pot with solder Sn99Cu1. I have limits for pure (delivered) solder, but I can not find limit for solder in pot in process. Could you help me where I can f

bubbles in solder pot

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 13 21:21:40 EDT 2023 | joeljacobo

Hello colleagues, I appeal to your expertise in this matter that has taken me by surprise. A week ago it was decided to change the solder brand for the wave machine, (only the brand, the alloy is the same). The pot was emptied and filled with the

WSOL and solder pot

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 14 11:18:29 EDT 2008 | operator

The way it works is the liquid solder immediatley cures (or should I say burns) the WSOL where ever it touches it. This hardens and keeps it in place and protects whatever is under it. Some of the WSOL falls of in the pot. I am suprised that the burn

WSOL and solder pot

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 13 09:43:13 EDT 2008 | jseagle

If the mask is not cured and is coming off in the pot I don't see how it is protecting anything. If you want to mask something fast you need to use tape not liquid mask that requires cure. My $.02.

bubbles in solder pot

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 14 12:16:10 EDT 2023 | proceng1

Are these molten solder bubbles, or another substance "foaming" up on the surface?

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