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Moisture sensitive device re-packaging

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 11 12:46:58 EDT 2004 | dummy

You could try the manual impulse sealer machine and purge with Nitrogen gas if feasible. The price tag is less than 100.00 http://www.uline.com/Browse_Listing_2253.asp

Flex Circuit

Electronics Forum | Wed May 30 16:27:41 EDT 2001 | hussman

Why, it's how one dummy calls another dummy stupid.

Dummy Parts for Gold Wire Bonding for Practice

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 05 21:31:35 EST 2009 | davef

Bill: We're pretty sure these guys don't offer the parts that you seek, but they maybe able to give you a lead. * Topline Dummy Components - http://www.topline.tv * Practical Components - http://www.practicalcomponents.com So, how about your equi

Topline Dummy Components

Electronics Forum | Tue May 19 17:00:07 EDT 1998 | Gary Simbulan

Does anyone have a phone number for Topline. I am looking for some dummy components, qfp132s specifically, and their website seems dead and the only number I hve for them is disconnected. Thanks, Gary

0.4mm pitch CSP Dummy Component

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 04 22:50:03 EST 2002 | Nell

Hi, Could anyone tell me where can I get the 0.4mm pitch CSP Dummy Component and the Test PCB? Any comments will be appreaciated. Thanks and Regards. Nell

Where to find Lead free components

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 09 09:04:52 EDT 2004 | pjc

http://www.practicalcomponents.com/dummy-components.htm "Nearly all package types are now available in lead-free formulations." http://www.toplinecomponents.com/Products_LeadFree.cfm "TopLine has the widest selection of Lead Free Dummy Packages a

SMD nomenclature

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 27 13:41:44 EDT 2007 | ratsalad

Piotr, Are you talking about Dummy Class 101 from Topline? I found this to be very helpful for beginners. http://www.topline.tv/DummyClass101.pdf

Dummy Parts for Gold Wire Bonding for Practice

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 26 10:06:12 EST 2009 | bandjwet

Does anyone know of any vendors who can supply "dummy" parts to practice ball wire bonding of gold to help train/certify operators? Thanks BWET

Dummy Parts for Gold Wire Bonding for Practice

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 11 10:55:07 EDT 2009 | gpost

I had contacted the dummy component suppliers but they didn't have anything that would work. We designed a simple daisy-chain PCB and die for SPC and training purposes, and purchased large quantities.

CP6 pickup errors

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 24 12:08:15 EST 2005 | siverts

Checked the condition of your nozzles? Vacuum ok? Dummy part picked from the same feeder position? Dummy part picked from the very same feeder? How often does this problem occur? How many dummys did you pick for comparison? Sometimes a feeder calibr

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