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about QP242

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 11 00:47:59 EST 1999 | Charley Qin

Hi, all Who has some experience on Fuji QP 242? Is that Machine durable and stable?


Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 24 16:26:57 EDT 2004 | pjc

MPM kick's butt on both in terms of accuracy, repeatability and durability. What more would you want?

Re: who makes the best conveyor??

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 08 14:46:05 EDT 2000 | swagner

I have implemented and worked with many brands of conveyors and I will have to say the best quality, lowest price and durability have to be ASYS conveyors.

Re: ESD Storage Material for SMT reeled components

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 28 20:40:11 EST 1998 | Marla

| I am looking for some esd storage containers for tape and reel components in the stockroom. Shelves or bins. Any ideas. | We use the Brick Container conductive heavy duty cardboard reel holders. They are very durable and cost effective.

MyData tool damage

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 03 13:23:19 EST 2006 | gleason

We do repair the spring loaded tools. we have improived the design with a more robust spring also to help the nozzle be alittle more durable. www.gscusa.net 972-494-1911

wave solder bath coating - leadfree purposes.

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 01 17:14:57 EST 2005 | slthomas

I'm going to attempt to resurrect this thread because a recent development has me interested too. Anyone experienced in this with respect to durability, cost, etc.?

Juki 710 and 720

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 16 07:55:37 EST 2007 | ronsou

Anyone have any experiance with these Juki machines? I have no experiance with Juki except for a Zevatech place-mat 360 many years ago. Currently using Siemens and Mydata. How is the accuracy, speed, durability, and programming. Any help would be a

Compressor air line material

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 25 09:59:41 EDT 2007 | slthomas

Plastic of any kind for compressed air is a code violation here. It's not just the pressure, it's the durability. PVC is pretty brittle and if you smack it with a pallet jack it's a lot more likely to shatter and generate high speed shrapnel than cop

gloves used for wave soldering and pallets

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 21 10:33:56 EDT 2007 | russ

we use welders gloves with cuffs. there are some other heat gloves out there as well, we like the durability of leather though Russ

Affordable Inspection Microscopes?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 14 12:49:51 EST 2008 | operator

Thanks all. I guess I will go with the EBAY. AmScope brand for $350. I have used these and they work fine. Not bad. Not as easy on the eyes as a Mantis, but get the job done and the boom is durable.

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