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Wave solder pallets: lead and lead-free process

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 27 16:27:57 EDT 2005 | GS

It may be you should look for higher TG of Durapol Rgds GS

Losing parts in reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 13 15:40:44 EDT 2007 | slthomas

Edited because I completely misinterpreted your post. We used 2 lengths of Durapol with slots for the board edges and a shorty (free-floating, not attached) under the middle. Not much more elaborate than your titanium shims but we had it laying aro

Re: Delmat

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 22 18:32:31 EST 1999 | Jason Nipper

Thanks Rob, I figured a PM schedule would be a must. I will be checking out Durapol in my next pallet.

Jig for PCB

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 18 10:08:51 EDT 2006 | russ

We use materials such as G10, durapol, or FR4. We put a lot of holes in the fixtures so that only enough material is left to support the board during reflow to prevent sag/ warp or whatever. We also try and keep all bot side material in unpopulated

Fixture Material

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 01 13:56:05 EST 2006 | Steve

Any idea where I may purchase Durapol or Durastone material to fabricate a fixture for use in a reflow oven? Is there any other material (non-metal) that can be used for this application? Thanks!

Material for Wave Soldering Jigs/Carriers

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 19 04:53:12 EDT 2010 | magnifico

Please, can anyone suggest a good material for wave solder jigs or carriers? Been using Durapol but this material is quite expensive. Any alternative?

Looking for trays to lay boards on in reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 10 12:52:02 EDT 2019 | slthomas

The only material I've ever heard of for these applications is the one that you have already rejected (Durostone). There is a similar material called Durapol, and if memory serves me correctly it is somewhat cheaper than Durostone.

Wave Pallet Lifespan

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 15 15:09:45 EDT 2002 | peterson

Hi all, I am trying to find some data that will show me the typical lifespan for a wave pallet. I realize that it depends on material used (Durapol, for instance) temp profile, etc and I HAVE checked the fine SMT archives... Anyone have an average n

Flex pcb carrier / palett

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 01 15:07:46 EST 2012 | davef

I don't know of a Eurolander pallet source. If I was a Eurolander and wanted to find pallet suppliers, I'd call the suppliers of pallet materials and ask them which of their customers that I should consider. Durostone CCR/Durapol IGM L200/Glastic CB

Re: Heat inuslating material

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 30 12:32:15 EDT 1998 | CHAD HAIMA

I am looking for a material which may be used to deflect heat / shield a component from heat. The component would be exposed to the heat during the card reflow process. | | I would need the material to be of such a nature that I could form a cov

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