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Thermo-couple attachment

Electronics Forum | Wed May 07 11:31:21 EDT 2003 | cyber_wolf

Well Dave, Check the number that is on your adhesive tube. They make several different types of adhesives for use on different substrates. The rep from Dymax recommended the 3073 for bonding to FR4. We use a Dymax HHL400 handheld curing light. Click

Bubbles on solder joint(after conformal coating curing)

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 02 00:31:37 EST 2009 | jlawson

UV40 for you info was developed in Humiseal EU and has been tested heavily against Dymax product. UV40 is a great product has many approvals from major auto and whitegoods makers.... I have seen comparisons UV40 to Dymax 984LV and Dymax comes out se

core of a transformer

Electronics Forum | Sat May 06 08:12:00 EDT 2006 | davef

Try: * Dymax http://www.dymax.com * Loctite http://www.loctite.com * Nordson http://www.nordson.com

Bubbles on solder joint(after conformal coating curing)

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 30 09:05:47 EST 2009 | sforman1

totally wrong. a. I do not reccomend Humiseal UV products. My Dad started Humiseal. b. As the former VP of Dymax Corporation I know quite a bit about this subject. Contact Dymax in Torrington, CT and inquire about 984LV. c. You will definetly sleep b

UV cure conformal coating material

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 10 15:33:55 EST 2009 | duso02

We use one quite often. Our machine is a Uvitron Conveyor 40 as we are a large coating house and this allows us to process many boards. Dymax also maufactures and sells machines as well. Humiseal and Dymax both manufacture UV coatings. Emerson Cuming

Re: attaching thermocouples

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 16 22:21:23 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Steve: Two things: 1 Chrys "The Thermo Princess" Shea wrote a great thread on attaching thermocouples that's in the SMTnet archives 2 Dymax (and probably others) makes a uV cureable thermal adhesive that's not a ugly to use as soldering thermal coup

Re: patchproblem lifted lead

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 30 16:55:51 EST 1999 | Dave F

Wolfgang: Made a mess of things now, eh??? Try: Masterbond Product UV15-7TK1A Dymax 911 Ta Dave F

Thermo-couple attachment

Electronics Forum | Wed May 07 10:33:46 EDT 2003 | davef

We use Dymax �Ultra Light-Weld�. We use an ADAC Technologies handheld for uV cure. What do you use?

High-temperature thermal profiling adhesive

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 10 10:37:15 EST 2004 | cyber_wolf

We have always had success with light cure adhesives for probe attachment. Try these guys for some samples. http://www.dymax.com

Securing Large Inductors

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 20 15:24:50 EST 2006 | davef

cmiller The materials suppliers mentioned above (eg, Dymax, Loctite, Permabond) have applications types that will recommend products to meet your requirements.

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