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Re: Intelliplace and Europlacer

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 03 11:01:03 EST 1998 | Walter Cole

Hi Scott, I am a regional manager for Multitroniks and would be glad to assist you with additional information on the systems you are asking about. Both of these machines can be demonstrated for you any time at our factory in Warren, NJ. Below I'l

Multitroniks, Quad System and Tyco Info

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 31 22:22:09 EDT 2001 | davef

Multitronics machines, in their lastest incarnation, previously were Dynapert machines. A largely UK phenomenon. It's unclear that Multitromics made much US market penitration since their acquistion of Dynapert a couple of years ago.

Multitroniks, Quad System and Tyco Info

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 06 15:54:06 EDT 2001 | Fox

I think that anyone who has any questions about Tyco Electronics' offerings as far as equipment should check out their new web site: automation.tycoelectronics.com One other note about the references to Dynapert equipment and their link to Multitron


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