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board stretch and IPC -D-300G

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 12 17:12:40 EST 2001 | slthomas

Thanks, Dave. Three courtesy cheers for specifications written to reflect the capabilities of the part suppliers, even if they fail to meet the purchaser's (not unreasonable) process req'ts. In the meantime, I'm sure my stencil guy would be more

Jedec Trays and tubes to recycle

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 26 10:02:27 EST 2007 | Cal

Pay Recyclers: Ecological Technologies, Inc. 1230 Oakmead Parkway, #308 Sunnyvale, California 94085 U.S.A Phone: 408.524.7100 ;Fax: 408.524.7103 http://www.eco-tech.com/index.shtml OR The SemiCycle Foundation 2111 Kramer Lane Austin, Texas 78758


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FPC* - Fluid Pressure Control - Dispensing Pump

High Speed Precision In-Line SPI System - Mirtec MS-11
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