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Re: PCB Design software

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 13 12:39:21 EST 2000 | Dave F

Garth: Look at: * Buyers' guide and speed and feature tables on pcdmag.com * Beau coup eda links on fi.uib.no/~bruce/eda.htm Good luck Dave F

EDA software ascii formats

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 01 09:27:39 EDT 1999 | david Lee

Can any one supply me the Ascii formats of PADS, Mentor,ORCAD etc EDA software? Thank you very much

EDA/CAMTutorial free download!!!

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 18 21:09:06 EST 2008 | cadfamily

Welcome to http: //www cadfamily com supply EDA/CAM Learning Tutorial free download!!! For example:Mentor Graphic,Cadence,PowerPCB,PADS,ORCAD,AGILENG,ANSOFT,SYNOPSYS,ZUKEN,GENESIS,VA LOR,UCAM,PARCAM,VXWORKS,TONARDO,ACTEL,ACTIVE-HDL,FPGA ETC.

Re: EDA software ascii formats

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 02 08:30:24 EDT 1999 | Dan

Dave, You can get the ASCII formats directly from PADS, Mentor, and Orcad by becoming partners with them. They each have an alliance program you can join. Check out their websites. OrCAD can output GenCAD data directly now. Dan | Can any one s

Programming for Pick & Place and AOI machines

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 05 00:25:26 EDT 2017 | jlawson

Koh Young can also import ODB++ files, ALL major EDA tools offer ODB++ export, Mentor EDA tools for sure, Cadence, Altium, Zuken all offer ODB++ export...This has Part entities included as well as graphic data etc - is a full product data model. Can

CAD viewers, API

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 03 09:26:19 EDT 2001 | davef

Whether the customer is from a large or small corporation, military or commercial, the majority of our data comes in RS274X. In theory, ODB++ seems like a good idea. It may take some time for it to actually get into the mainstream where we are. It

Buyer Jedec Trays

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 08 20:48:44 EDT 2004 | grosasc

Hello. I am a buyer of used Jedec IC Trays.And can handle other plastics.reels,tubes etcc. Please contact me and we will discuss terms. Thank you. Guillermo Rosas Casta�eda

ICOS MVS EDA 100 2119E

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 05 20:28:37 EDT 2011 | enrad

Does anyone have any type of information regarding this vision processor, it seems that it was quite common during the 90's

PCB Layout Engineer Needed

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 19:59:45 EDT 1998 | Kathy Palumbo

Viking Components is looking for an experienced PCB layout Engineer. We need someone who is a team player and will cooperate with Manufacturing in laying out PCB's and doing DFM's. We use Accel EDA version 14. If you're interested please call me at (

Software for work instructions?

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 02 16:26:32 EDT 2008 | jlawson

Valors new vPlan (Vplan Studio) Documentation System is fairly powerful and can read all major CAD/CAM formats and of course ODB++ which all major EDA software providers now support ODB++ output. Documentation can have picture files, AVI,s manual pla

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