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gold connectors

Electronics Forum | Fri May 31 17:04:02 EDT 2002 | davef

We use boots / shunts er wutt ever you call them to protect solderable component surfaces from wave soldering. Not sure how it would work in your case try: * Kinnarney Rubber 450 Main St. P.O.Box 37 Mantua, N.J. 08051 609-468-1320 fax 7438 http://ww

PCB edge connector

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 22 13:44:41 EDT 2014 | davef

Distributors have access to large number of connector suppliers * http://www.newyorkerelectronics.com/ * http://www.digikey.com/Connectors * http://www.newark.com * http://www.directindustry.com/industrial-manufacturer/card-edge-connector-93613.h

PCB edge connector

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 19 06:42:01 EDT 2014 | timbo292832

im designing a circuit that will require the use of a edge connector so it can connect to another circuit. i need to do this so i can get both micro controllers communicating i have done a bit of research and am thinking about using a pcb manufact

Dual edge mount connector

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 17 13:32:42 EDT 2010 | davidd1

AJ, I am the manager of Samtec's Interconnect Processing Group. The edge mount connector in question does present a set of unique assembly challenges but I am confident we can help you develop a process that fits your needs. Please contact our g

Dual edge mount connector

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 08 05:51:24 EDT 2010 | 15009

SIPAD solid solder deposit solves this challenge.

Dual edge mount connector

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 23 15:52:00 EDT 2010 | aj

thanks everyone... Not running huge volumes at the moment but all comments are greatly appreciated. aj...

Dual edge mount connector

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 07 11:04:44 EDT 2010 | mikesewell

Looks like a hand solder process - getting paste down but not smearing it too bad while sliding the connector on is probably not worth the trouble. Teka makes solder bearing connectors which would allow you to install last and simply reflow with the

Dual edge mount connector

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 06 09:03:45 EDT 2010 | aj

Hi all, Looking for some advice on how to run this component through the SMT process or is it always hand soldered? Part number is HSEC8-120-01-S-D-EM2 We are currently handsoldering. aj...

Dual edge mount connector

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 07 09:03:23 EDT 2010 | davef

We don't use this part, but Samtec reflows it for their published durability tests. They published the reflow profile as part of the test report on the Samtec site.

Dual edge mount connector

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 17 16:44:56 EDT 2010 | rdubya

If your pads are long enough you shouldn't have a problem, the pins on the connector are curved up(away from pcb)and will plow solder paste to the end of the pad then it will wick back up the pin during reflow. if you have a second stencil for the bo

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