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Water Soluble Paste

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 30 07:01:52 EDT 2005 | edgetech

EdgeTech SMT Tech here. I was questioning the process our Engineers are using concerning Water Soluble solder paste. I have no experience with this paste. I was wondering what need so be done differently when using this paste. As far as I know the on

Water Soluble Paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 31 03:32:05 EDT 2005 | edgetech

Thanks for the input guys. I was thinking the minerals found in tap water may cause the components to short/malfunction

DEK 265 Horizon - Calibration Procedure

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 03 18:49:32 EDT 2008 | edgetech

Hey, Does anyone have a calibration procedure for this machine. Thanks!


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