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Optical alignment system

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 27 14:52:33 EDT 2014 | jana

Thank you for your reply. YES, optical alignment system allows two pictures to be viewed simultaneously but it can be achieved more ways. Do you know what method is used in the superior machines e.g.in Shuttlestar machines?

Urgent!! ... AI process after SMD Reflow Soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 15 17:39:08 EDT 2005 | stepheniii

I just wanted to add I'm not saying there is no egineering aspect to this, just that it sounds like it is more to do with your customers perceptions. Ask why they think it could be a problem. Maybe they have had previous experience with it before. I

Tape & Reel machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 05 11:35:58 EST 2008 | dphilbrick

I have been using an Advantek machine for years. It is a manual load and really works good. Rarely do we have problems. When we do its because we got parts from an egineer that dumped a tube of parts out on their desk to get one part and then put the

BGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 10 09:28:14 EDT 2003 | chrissieneale

Thanks for your replies guys, there's some good info there. Dave, answers to your questions: The stencil was initially a big problem as with the Egineering Model's (EM's) and Engineering Qualifing model (EQM's) we kept getting short circuits due to


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