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ekra e5 blades not dropping.

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 29 15:28:29 EDT 2014 | dustin

After getting the last issue I had fixed through here. I thought I would try to see if there is a solution for another issue. I have and ekra e5 screen printer and it has a problem with the blades not dropping when they should. If I set up single dir

VIP98N settings

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 11 16:55:11 EST 2007 | dman97

Hi, I am using a 7 zone Conceptronics oven and Indium 3.1 lead free clean paste. Our profile is as follows, 130 140 150 180 200 240 260 with a belt speed of 36 inches per minute. I dont know if that will help you out though...

VIP98N settings

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 07 02:10:26 EST 2007 | mpolak

Hi, Could you guys verify my BTU VIP98N oven settings for lead free process. At the moment as my standard profile im using these settings 140 160 180 207 205 220 257 same temps for bottom and speed 50cm/min. Has anyone got same oven and could

Wash machine settings

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 13 12:22:55 EST 2004 | GS

Hello, very interesting informations you can find on: - IPC-CH-65A Guidelines for Cleaning of Printed Board and Assemblies. - IPC-AC-62A Aqueous Post Solder Cleaning hand Book GS

Wash machine settings

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 10 18:08:48 EST 2004 | Hiram

Does anyone know where to find the guidelines to validate a pcb cleaning process (Water deionizing system)? I appreciate your feedback. Regards, Hiram

DEK underscreen cleaning

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 10 21:19:01 EDT 2005 | devilhitam

hi guys, Iam going to run evaluation on DEK 288 underscreen cleaning efficiency. The purpose of this run is to determine the best setting for underscreen cleaning. Could anyone who familiar with DEK 288 share with me you experience on the underscree

batch aqueous cleaning equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 30 22:41:29 EDT 2007 | davef

Cross: IPC nor anyone else calls out recommended pressures for washers used to clean circuit boards. IPC and the other standards setting folk are in the business of defining the expected results or outputs of processes or acceptance criterion. They

UltraSonic cleaning machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 25 10:22:21 EDT 2002 | matt2138

UltraSonic cleaners do a good job of cleaning both stencils and misprint PCBs. Make sure the frequency that the machine comes set to is ok to use with both stencils and misprint PCBs. If you are a CM make sure your customers are ok with using the ul

DEK underscreen cleaning

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 14 06:54:02 EDT 2005 | teera

hi! below are the item need to check: 1)top plate condition(under screen squeegee). 2)under screen clean contact position(with stencil) 3)make sure the thickness of wiper paper not so thick(not over 6o gm)becaue it will effect the vacuum suction. 4)s

Gold contact cleaning machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 10 13:54:22 EST 2000 | Kris W

Hi All, We are in the process of converting from RMA solder paste to no-clean process across the shop. This will allow me to carry my semi-aqueous cleaner out of the building and set it ablaze using the terpenes as the fire water. Then I can go ab

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