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ekra x5 stencil printer lost software made by isys or now asys

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 30 14:56:13 EDT 2016 | jsouth

We bought an ekra x5 at auction and the hard drive was pulled (due to the classified nature of the boards the company was producing)... i was told if i could find some one willing to make a clone of their hard drive (we are willing to supply the hard

Problem with Ekra x5 Printer

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 26 19:26:17 EDT 2014 | magan

Hi Everyone, I have an Ekra x5 printer and I'm having reference drive issues with my printer. If anyone have english operator/service manual for ekra x5? I'll be happy if someone can send me the manual for this printer. Thank you

Ekra X5 setup

Electronics Forum | Tue May 31 15:39:58 EDT 2016 | jsouth

I'm looking for a clone of an ekra x5 hard drive...we are willing to provide the hard drive and compensation for your time. ekra want us to upgrade the hardware to work with their latest software... they no longer offer the older version of software

EKRA installation CD

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 08 20:53:41 EDT 2022 | kumarb

Hi. Which Ekra model? I recall some funky registry keys being installed and we migrated our mechanical drive to a SSD but used a bit copier for the drives (Windows XP) which worked for us. Also, some calibrated data that will be machine specific.


Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 24 16:27:32 EDT 2004 | pjc

hey, I drive a Chevy!

EKRA E-1 "Referencing in progress" too long.

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 15 11:03:17 EST 2018 | bobpan

When our older Ekra machines wont reference.....we will either try to e-stop it and then turn the control back on and reference it again....or turn the machine off and back on. I would check all the sensors on the machine and also try to reposition

Ekra E4 transport problems

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 11 16:29:37 EDT 2015 | chris_jayconsystems_com

I have an Ekra E4 stencil machine. When I transport a pcb into the machine. It will stop in the machine about 3-4 inches from the opening and go through the clamping procedure, like the machine went through the transporting correctly. It does this ra

I-Pulse M1 - WinXP blank out the display while bootup

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 02 17:20:47 EST 2020 | kumarb

Hi. You say that you backed up the original drive. How? My suggestion: 1) Assuming that your HDD interface is SATA style - deploy a Samsung EVO series SSD which are very reliable. 2) Perform a bit-copy of the known good working drive so that the S

Need Help Operating CSM84VZ

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 07 15:53:15 EST 2011 | tpappano

Both units have the 50 pin cable, but no drives are present. The service manual makes no reference to a disk drive (that I can find), is it possible that the floppy is a 'secret' factory tech-only service tool of some sort? Also, with the 50 pin cab

Ekra X4 Blues

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 27 22:04:24 EST 2023 | kumarb

Hi. Our X4 is posting the attached error code. In the reference menu, the table dances to align with the SMD stencil and the shuttled PCB. During this activity, hearing some new mechanical ticking sounds that were not hear before. Any suggestions on

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