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Dehaart EL20 Semi auto

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 05 05:52:54 EDT 2012 | bigvern

Hi, we are trying to locate a electrical schematic drawing for a Dehaart EL20 semi auto printer. If anyone can asist or point me in right direction it would be apprecaited. Looking for spare parts for same too or a spares printer. Cheers. steven

Dehaart EL20 Semi auto

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 06 18:58:15 EDT 2012 | bigvern

Many thanks davef, will try this guy... thanks for your help. steven

deHaart EL-20

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 04 23:22:17 EDT 2019 | themartien

Hello have same problem do you find parts (belt) and information

deHarrt Parts

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 13 18:42:25 EST 2000 | EdM

deHaart went out of business last year. We have an EL-20 screen printer.Does anyone know a place to go for parts?

Re: deHarrt Parts

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 14 12:31:54 EST 2000 | Dave F

Ed: Two things: 1 DeHaart: Lake Madsen Inc 12 Wilmington Rd Burlington, MA 01803 service and parts, Charlie @ (781) 270-3285 2 Buy a used EL20 for parts Good luck Dave F

metal squeegee

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 08 16:44:18 EST 2005 | eeltec

I am looking for Metal Squeegee blades, 15 7/8" long, angled, for a deHart stencil printer model EL-20. Can you recomend me a good and unexpensive supplier? Thanks Greg

Dehaart EL20 Semi auto

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 05 06:39:40 EDT 2012 | mosborne1

Haven't seen one of these since the late 80's. You should get a new one. If you are a semi auto guy try the DEK 265.

dehaart EL20 Semi auto

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 18 22:08:45 EDT 2012 | bigvern

Hi, we are trying to locate some parts for a DEHAART semi auto printer, if anyone has any old spares machine, please advise. Have tried most of the phones numbers on this forum in regards to dehaart but all numbers are no use due to dehaart being fi

Source needed for Dehaart Parts... All numbers in forum are NG

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 20 10:08:52 EST 2004 | mlogic

Hello, I am trying to get hold of frame Hold Down bars for a Dehaart EL20c and all the listed numbers for Dehaart and Lake Madsen are disconnected..... any ideas? I have tied 887-469-3570, 781-270-3285, 781-270-5274, 781-270-3614, 781-272-0794.. Al

Dehaart EL20 Semi auto

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 06 16:24:17 EDT 2012 | davef

Back in 2004, Jon said ... There is a company called Lake Madsen Inc that has access to the old prints, schematics and many of the old deHaart employees. The company was started by the dehaart machine shop supervisor when he found himself out of a j

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