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Cracked ceramic chip capacitors.

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 18 16:53:25 EDT 2003 | takfire

DST, What was the crack signature? Was the crack parallel with the internal electrodes or 45� with the terminal electrode? It is also important to determine the orientation of the failed caps on the PCB (in regards to depaneling). Perhaps the cap


Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 27 08:48:08 EDT 2002 | yngwie

I was approached by the comp. suplier to change the capacitors that I currently used. No change in elect. charateristic, but only on : a) change of palladium to nickel base inner electrode b) outer electrode material i.e. from silver to copper. Que

Thickness of layers en MLCC ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 22 03:23:40 EDT 1999 | Jeanjean

Dear all, First, I'd like to thank every one of you who have been a great help for my last questions. Then, I have heard that in multilayer ceramic capacitors, each layer of ceramic was about 3 micrometers at least. When adding the layer (which I d

Chip capasitor plating

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 10 12:17:17 EST 2006 | Rob

Hi, The ROHS compliant parts are usually Matte Tin on the outer terminal plating. There are also 2 further types of metal on the average chip cap - the undercoat metal of the outer electrode & the inner electrode. These are usually the same & are

Mydata (TP9-2U) problem

Electronics Forum | Thu May 09 15:33:01 EDT 2013 | shankar2013

No luck yet. Also cannot buy a Cent electrode motor from manufacturer. Anybody know of sources where we can buy spares for TP-9. Thanks

Connector placement

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 27 08:24:41 EDT 2023 | avaqsemi

When designing a PCB to accommodate an intrusive reflow narrow profile connector (electrode rectangular) with specific dimensions, you'll need to consider the pad size, hole size, and other factors to ensure proper solderability and mechanical stabil

Electrolytic solder

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 20 09:31:56 EST 2001 | PeteC

I dunno.: e�lec�tro�lyt�ic Of or relating to electrolysis. Produced by electrolysis. Of or relating to electrolytes. e�lec�trol�y�sis Chemical change, especially decomposition, produced in an electrolyte by an electric current. Destruction

Re: moisture in pcb's how is it measured

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 20 10:49:04 EDT 1999 | Brian

Hi! Stu's method is a half-truth. What it measures is the aggregate of all volatile material with a significant vapour pressure at the baking temperature, not just H2O. Short of very complex methods, it could be complemented by a comparitive measur

MLCC - Chip blackening

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 12 10:59:49 EDT 2004 | Takfire

Hello. I have a customer that continues to have problems with their bulk cassette feeder. The customer is complaining about shorted parts that result from bulk cassette feeding operations. They are quick to claim that the failure is related to the

0306 pad design

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 20 10:13:38 EST 2002 | davef

The total inductance of a chip capacitor is determined both by its length to width ratio and by the mutual inductance coupling between its electrodes. So, a 1210 chip size has a lower inductance than a 1206 chip. Check with your supplier for recomm

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