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Jul 19, 2001 |

solder balls

Jul 6, 2001 |

Heavy BGA Inspection

Jun 18, 2001 | We are assembling BGA [Texas Instruments (TMS320C6201)] that has metal slugs in the packaging that a


Jun 18, 2001 | Gil I had come across two different Mechanisms of X-Raying cards / card assemblies: Transmission

Removal of screening cans

May 31, 2001 | Look at "Circuits Assembly" June 2001, p 26 for an article on the very topic to which you refer.

AOI systems

Apr 5, 2001 | My company is also researching AOI systems and X-ray inspection equipment. Almost all of our assembl

BGA standards

Apr 2, 2001 | Try IPC-7095 at ipc.org. It is a complete reference on Design and Assembly Process Implementation fo

BGA rework

Mar 19, 2001 | Process Sciences, Inc. has had previous success with soldering BGAs of this size on large assemblies

BGA Solder Mask Repair

Feb 27, 2001 | Since Mark is talking about rework, I assume his board is fairly, fully assembled. Do you have to c


Jan 22, 2001 | The assembly is HASL finished. The colour of the solder mask is green, ( sorry I dont know the techn

BGA Inspection Criteria

Dec 7, 2000 | I hear that IPC-7095, Design and Assembly Process Implemenatation for BGAs had already release, but

BGA Inspection Criteria

Dec 7, 2000 | I hear that IPC-7095, Design and Assembly Process Implemenatation for BGAs had already release, but

TV Sound Transmitter

Nov 30, 2000 | Something like this in kit form or assembled should be available out of Nuts and Volts Magazine from

Land Grid Array's

Nov 20, 2000 |


Nov 3, 2000 | Fuji makes production equipment that requires programming to assemble specific products. Run a sear

White residue on PCB's

Oct 13, 2000 |

Bromine Dija Know

Oct 10, 2000 |

AT Expo Rosemont

Oct 5, 2000 |

AT Expo Rosemont

Oct 5, 2000 |

X-Ray Analysis service ???

Sep 29, 2000 | Two things: 1 Why isn't your assembly house correcting this problem? 2 Check the archives


Sep 27, 2000 |

CM in Brazil

Aug 24, 2000 |

flux compositions

Aug 22, 2000 |


Aug 11, 2000 | I'm looking for an SPC package that can also help with time studies for tracking assembly productivi

Conformal Coating Spec

Jul 27, 2000 |

Wave soldering machine

Jul 27, 2000 |

Cleaning Misprinted PCB's

Jul 20, 2000 | What is the preferred method of cleaning misprinted double sided No-Clean boards which are assembled

conformal coatings and flux compatability

May 23, 2000 | We currently use both Humiseal and Conap with OA flux. The flux MUST me cleaned off the assembly bef

Cost effective double-sided SMT + thru-hole

May 12, 2000 | Is there a cost effective way to do assembly of boards with SMT components on boths sides as well as

Fibres / threads inside PTHs

May 5, 2000 | Hi Ashok, Is there any rework process on those assembl./PWB ..if yes --what kind of tools are your

High Temp Past

May 3, 2000 |

High Temp Past

May 3, 2000 |

Programming equipments

Apr 20, 2000 |

Tape residue cleaner

Apr 7, 2000 |


Feb 10, 2000 | I noticed a supplier using Windex to clean OA flux (from core solder) from a SMT assembly. A toothb

Workmanship Standards

Jan 26, 2000 | For our electrical/mechanical assembly, (that is not printed circuit boards), we refer to the Martin

Edge connector Isolation

Jan 20, 2000 | Hello there We assemble Add-On cards for the Personal computers. Naturally all of them have gold pl

Quad Flatpack Removal Tool

Jan 14, 2000 | Just a caution on cutting the leads. We had an assembler do that one time and she damaged the pads.


Jan 11, 2000 |

PCB Support

Nov 30, 1999 | Hi Steve, is it possible for you to get more than one PCB in a panel and separate them after assembl

Humidity controlled environemnt

Nov 19, 1999 | From the archives try: Humidity Of Assembly Area - Chris May 11:03:24 11/04/1999

Purchase Order Software

Nov 19, 1999 | Hi, is there a Purchase Order Software which we can use to handle our incoming assembly and outgoin

Precision Auger Dispense Pump

Fluid Dispensers