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lead bearing components in lead-free boards

Oct 9, 2005 | First, no one knows very much about the relaibility of Pb-free assemblies, much less Pb-free solder

Lead/Lead Free In-Line Wash and UT cleaners

Oct 3, 2005 | Soon we will be manufacturing board assemblies on our SMT lines that will utilize both lead and lead

Scrap criteria

Sep 20, 2005 |

Defect reduction on RF design

Sep 19, 2005 | Good Morning Everyone, We have a customer that produces RF based assemblies. We are building seve

Reflow Oven Selection

Aug 25, 2005 |

Double sided design

Aug 25, 2005 |


Aug 25, 2005 |

Recommended max board temp for BGA repair

Aug 12, 2005 | Does the pcba:s comes directly from the assembly line, You are going to do rework on? If faulty pcb

Solder Paste Storage

Jul 16, 2005 |

Lead-free solder alloy: SN100C from AIM solder

Jul 8, 2005 | Dear Hiram, Thanks for your interest in SN100C. FCT Assembly is a licensed manufacturer of SN100C f

Double sided BGAs

Jun 23, 2005 | We are defining a new assembly process for a double sided card that has 26 BGAs on the top side and

Acceptable standards

Jun 2, 2005 |

PCB Warpage

Apr 10, 2005 |

Double Sided Reflow

Mar 17, 2005 |

Gold versus HASL finish

Mar 15, 2005 |

Reflowing large aluminum electro. caps

Mar 3, 2005 | I just ran into a reflow profiling problem with a new assembly that we are processing in SMT. The

QFN Packages

Feb 25, 2005 |

used mydata equipment

Feb 10, 2005 |

Restructuring Rework Process - Back to Basic

Feb 1, 2005 | I agree re; "always will be some assemblies that must be repaired". This is unlikely to lessen in t

SMT LED placement with Universal HSP 4791

Jan 11, 2005 | Hello, We are assembling a large pcb with 256 Lumex #SSL-LXA228SRC-TR31 SMT LED's on an HSP 4791. T

Board re-work

Jan 5, 2005 | It is possible to re reflow (is that right?) these assemblies. You will probably have to mask off o


Jan 3, 2005 |

Where Can I get Articles for Voids in Manufacturing?

Dec 14, 2004 | Try: * Trade journals [ie, SMT Magazine, Circuits Assembly, etc], for instance: http://circuitsasse

dendritic growth

Dec 14, 2004 | On contaminated assemblies: While you isolated part of your dendritic growth to contaminated boards


Nov 28, 2004 |

PCBA IC Component rework

Sep 24, 2004 |

Double-Sided BGA Process

Sep 15, 2004 |


Sep 15, 2004 | We are building seven different assemblies that have flex circuitry that go off in four different di

Flex circuits

Sep 14, 2004 |

Ion exchanger

Sep 2, 2004 |

Inspection magnifier

Jul 16, 2004 |

Flex circuits

Jul 3, 2004 | ....not unique. But tough as hell! I build flex assemblies for a major P&P equipment manufacture

Flying Probe Probe Tester with AOI

Fluid Dispense Pump Integration