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Electrovert Econopak EPK+ Type 400F pot heater elements

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 04 09:48:12 EST 2005 | russ

Try Petlock enterprises www.petlock.com

Electrovert Econopak EPK+ Type 400F pot heater elements

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 08 07:11:24 EST 2005 | teilo

We manufacture all titanium component parts for wave solder machines. For additional information on our products please visit our websit at http://www.teiloengineering.com

Electrovert Econopak EPK+ Type 400F pot heater elements

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 04 09:17:30 EST 2005 | Steve Gregory

I have a need for two heater element/strips for the pot of a Econopak EPK+ Type 400F. PN 3-0606-793-01-2. I was told it would be 2-3 weeks from Electrovert. If anybody knows of where I might get them quicker than 2-3 weeks, I sure would appreciate it

Looking for repair/service company for electrovert bravo 8 reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 23 12:21:29 EDT 2017 | rgduval

I'm going to guess that you've tried Speedline with no success. They're awfully annoying about their older machines. Things to check: - Thermistor for the zone working properly? - Opto for the zone working correctly? - Heaters working correctly? -

0402's and Gluing.............

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 11:37:26 EST 2005 | pjc

Technical support cannot help with this issue, especially Electrovert tech support, those guys only know soldering and cleaning machines. Contact Jim Kaler at Camalot Applications Support: 603-641-8666 ex7208 or jkaler@speedlinetech.com Tech support

Wave flux and profiling

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 16 08:23:11 EST 2006 | pr

The "Wave optimizer" is a little pricey but is easy to use, gives instant feedback (display on the unit as opposed to hooking it up to a computer)and will give feedback on the waves, as well as preheat. They will send you a unit to trial for a week o

0402's and Gluing.............

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 08 23:29:54 EST 2005 | mrduckmann2000

Help! Does anyone know how to get a Camolot Gem II machine to put down dots for 0402 placement? I have been working with Electrovert Tech's that say their machine WILL place dots for 0402's. I have reduce the speed of the pumps to half the speed,

Printer and Reflow Oven Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Fri May 15 14:50:40 EDT 2015 | emeto

My top 3 printers: 1.DEK 2.MPM 3.EKRA Top 3 ovens: 1. BTU 2. Vitronics 3. Heller or Electrovert

Wave Cassettes and Heat convection

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 15 13:12:18 EST 2007 | realchunks

So others can solder the same board and part but you can't. Dipping the legs in flux doesn't help. Then it's either your pre-heat or wave. Measure your pre-heat and compare to others or flux mfger. Do you have chip wave or something like an Omega

Printer and Reflow Oven Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Fri May 22 17:48:48 EDT 2015 | aemery

It's your first line, go with established manufacturers. Whether new or used it ultimately comes down to does the tool do the job and how well is it supported (labor/parts) if it does break down. I am a former field eng. with Speedline and now run

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