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electrovert vectra electrical manual

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 03 12:12:23 EDT 2015 | benreben

Hi all, i have lost my electrical schematic for the electrovert vectra. anybody know where find one? thx

Vectra password

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 17 08:44:50 EST 2006 | adlsmt

Does anyone know a master user name and password for an Electrovert Vectra?

Wave solder: Vitronics-Soltec vs. Electrovert

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 24 12:08:43 EDT 2004 | davef

Jon Hall: What were the areas of performance of the Electrovert Vectra that stood above the Vitronics-Soltec Delta?

Wave soldering equipment??

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 09 04:32:56 EST 2004 | chad

I'm currently using Electrovert Vectra's right now. They do really well. I was actually in New Hampshire last month looking at Vitronics Soltec's newest wave soldering machine too. I think they would be worth a look as well. Good Luck!

Solder wave

Electronics Forum | Mon May 14 13:56:54 EDT 2007 | jdumont

Agreed, I just bought a Electrovert Vectra Elite and have been very pleased with it thus far. I got the dual pot option for lead free changeovers and that has worked great. I can change pots in under 5 minutes, not counting the time to warm up.

Wave replacement : Ersa, Seho, Electrovert or other

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 25 10:27:51 EDT 2018 | mefloump

We have an Ersa Powerflow N2. It's a very well built machine with excellent support. We run it (2) 10 hr shifts per day, 4 days a week. Having the full nitrogen tunnel has greatly reduced dross and improved hole fill. This replaced an Electrovert Vec

Electrovert Vectra Variable Speed Drives.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 27 15:02:55 EDT 2005 | cmiller

Thanks for the reply. I had the instructions out of the manual but after re-programming we had all kinds of wierd stuff going on. After re-setting the PC several times it worked fine. Can I get a copy of the instructions you have? It would be appreci

Vectra password

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 17 17:28:47 EST 2006 | mrduckmann2000

Adlsmt, We had an issue where an Engineer setuo his own passwords on our machine, he was then laided off and nobody knew the passwords. Electrovert gave us the following passwords to try: Electrovert Wave Solder Logon Id Supervisor Password Pass

0402's and Gluing.............

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 11:37:26 EST 2005 | pjc

Technical support cannot help with this issue, especially Electrovert tech support, those guys only know soldering and cleaning machines. Contact Jim Kaler at Camalot Applications Support: 603-641-8666 ex7208 or jkaler@speedlinetech.com Tech support

Wave flux and profiling

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 16 08:23:11 EST 2006 | pr

The "Wave optimizer" is a little pricey but is easy to use, gives instant feedback (display on the unit as opposed to hooking it up to a computer)and will give feedback on the waves, as well as preheat. They will send you a unit to trial for a week o

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