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schematics/manual electrovert omni 7 (1998)

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 08 17:48:18 EST 2010 | katguts69

looking for schematics for electrovert omni 7 reflow oven. manufactured in 1998. help!

Electrovert Omniflo 7 reflow ovens

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 30 13:22:47 EDT 2001 | arzu

180deg More important are the preheat and soakzones and temp ramps. How to check: I used to do it as follows: use a TEST-PCB with fixed thermocouples and connect it to the mole. Print the profile on transparant paper. do it again e.g. each week and

Electrovert Omniflo 7 reflow ovens

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 30 11:59:00 EDT 2001 | Spanky

Hey all, I have 3 questions about reflow. Hopefully someone can help me. 1. I am having a problem. I set the peak at 230 and my mole thermocouples are telling me the temp in that zone gets to 237. How is this possible even if the thermocouple

Soldering oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 19 08:37:16 EST 2009 | lkpdsund

Hello all! We possess a speedline electrovert omniflo 7 reflow oven at my site. Last week we examined how the solder profile was affected by fan-speed and by providing the soldering process with compressed air(O2) or nitrogen(N2). We also ran the sa

Electrovert Omniflo 7

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 20 11:38:57 EDT 2020 | stephendo

You might have to adjust both ends to match the middle. Is it an autowidth oven?

Electrovert Omniflo 7

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 19 13:52:11 EDT 2020 | goldendragon

Hello guys, Please help me how to parallel the width chain, it is bow out in the middle and keep dropped the board in oven, I can't find anything there that I can manually adjust the middle width to the same size with the entrance and exit. HELP!!! T

Electrovert Omniflo 7

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 20 14:46:26 EDT 2020 | goldendragon

Yes, it's autowidth oven. I thought about manually adjust both end to match with the with the middle. Thank you very much! Tim

Omniflo 7 Manual

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 01 11:26:13 EDT 2012 | davemac62

Looking for a manual for Elecrovert Omniflo 7 Reflow Oven. Anyone got an extra copy? Mine seems to have walked off :O/

OmniFlo 7 Reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 27 15:57:33 EDT 2006 | SWAG

I wanted to post resolution on a reflow oven problem we had but can't seem to search out the old thread. So, this is new but old. Our OmniFlo 7 conveyor was stopping every once and a while and the speed indicator on screen said 1000+ ipm. We cle

5 zone reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 25 16:16:01 EST 2005 | pjc

Here are some 5 zones models to look for: Electrovert OmniFlo5 Conceptronic HVA70 BTU VIP70 Vitronics SMR or XPM 520 Heller 1088 (4 zone)

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