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Electrovert Vectra450/F, EPK + 400/F

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Wavesoldering machine : VECTRA / Electrovert 波峰焊 Vectra450/F Electrovert 有铅波峰焊 EPKT/400F Speedlines 波峰焊 EPK + 400/F    

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Electrovert Vectra 450/F, EPKT/400F

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Wave

we have 3 x Electrovert wavesoldering for sales at cheap price. usd 15K for all 3 units.   VECTRA / Electrovert 波峰焊 Vectra450/F VC-1103816-01 2000.7 Electrovert 有铅波峰焊 EPKT/400F M0950424017 1995.6 Speedlines 波峰焊 EPK + 400/F MO950608021 1995.7

CS Technology

USI Optima Spray Fluxer

USI Optima Spray Fluxer

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Wave

  USI Optima spray fluxer.  Was mounted internally in an Electrovert wavesolder system.  This fluxer had limited use and was used with a VOC free, No Clean flux so very clean.  

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