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MPM UP2000 Hi-e

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 07 13:48:58 EDT 2006 | cardinal

Rick, I didn't mean for this to turn into a big thing thing but a couple of points. 1. I have in this business for over ten years. 2. Speedline sells refurbed units for over $75K 3. If you think it is "BS" come to my facility and check it out. 4. I

Fuji IP1 help requested

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 17 13:58:25 EST 2005 | bvdb

Jared, Thank you for the help. AFter following your advice we were able to get the display to say Jog L. However, pressing the UP or DOWN arrow or pressing the "F" key and the UP or DOWN arrow didn't do anything. The trays stay put. When we requ

Re: No-Clean Paste Lab Test Evaluations

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 14 19:35:51 EST 1998 | C. Lao

Mr Lao We have some specialist knowledge on this subject and offer both equipment and services for these tests. My first recommendation is that take coupons manufactured by your PC Fabricator and then samples at each manufacturing stage: Bare coupon


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