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Sn62 eliminates voids on BGA ?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 16 07:00:32 EST 2004 | mk

ssd eliminates voids from BGA's. Check out http://www.sipad.com

Dross Eliminator

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 21 08:06:09 EDT 2017 | duoman

Has anyone tried PK Metals's product, MS2? Claims to be a dross eliminator.

cost reduction

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 22 16:29:27 EDT 2011 | davef

Here's a start 1. Eliminate nonconforming material 2. Eliminate parts shortages 3. Reduce configuration changes 4. Stop rework, software changes 5. Eliminate assembly errors

Elimination of Silk Screen

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 11 12:44:37 EDT 1999 | Mike Demos

In a cost-reduction effort, our Design group is attempting to eliminate silk-screen (legend ink) on some new products. By the elimination of this process, there will be a slight decrease in the cost of the bare board. Presently, the silk screen den

First Off and P+P Data

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 16:55:51 EDT 2011 | jlawson

If you having bad rotations as main issue this should be fixed at SMT programming side before needing inspection. There are software tools that can eliminate this issue and first article inspection related to rotation errors can be eliminated. ie sti

Dross eliminator?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 09 22:49:45 EDT 2012 | edmaya33

It's the phosporous level.

Re: Solder Balling Beading Effect

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 17 10:05:59 EST 1999 | Victor Salazar

You might want to check your paste application. We eliminated this problem with reduced aperatures, and homeplate designs on our stencil. The paste process is very important in eliminating solder balls. See Solder aperature guidlines in the forum.

0603 Solder Beads

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 01 10:16:42 EST 1999 | Mark Anderson

I am interested in getting some feedback on what different companies are doing to eliminate the solder beading issues on 0603, 0402 chip components using a no-clean process. We are currently incorporating a solder mask removal between the solder lan


Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 15 00:52:18 EST 2003 | Grant

Hi, We had tomb-stoning on a product, and it was quite severe. We eliminated it by reducing the amount of solder paste on the small passible component pads. We used a 5 thou stencil, with 20% reduction, and it eliminated the problem. Regards, Gra

Sn62 eliminates voids on BGA ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 15 09:04:36 EST 2004 | rkevin

Does anyone have any information about eliminating voids on BGA using SN62 as opposed to the normal Sn63, something which explains the inter-metallic layers which form during the soldering process and the leaching out of silver ?

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