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kester em918

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 02 13:45:06 EDT 2007 | mun4o

Hi, we use om338 from alpha metals in our smt production lines.I wont change this solder paste with kester em 918.Is anybody use this solder paste?what yo think abaout this paste.Is it good?

kester em918

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 02 16:43:27 EDT 2007 | aj

Hi, I also use OM338 and would be very reluctant to use any other product. I have trialled 3 or 4 other top brands but cant find anything that ticks all the boxes. aj...

what is the max print speed? thanks for your help

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 22:19:57 EDT 2007 | lvzhu

The solder that we used is kester EM918 and Multicore LS328. Our printer machine is DEK-photon, this machine has supply below 300mm/s. the datasheet solderpaste of speed range is 30 to 150mm/s. when we produce the keyboard of the moble phone, this bo


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