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double sided reflow criteria

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 03 18:37:28 EST 2003 | jonfox

Not to be off-topic, but push engineering for embedded passives and remove parts from the underside all together. Watch the material cost sky rocket, but watch the manufacturing cost sink and well as improve the production cycle by 50%. Sorry, I w

Pick and place pickle

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 20 01:12:50 EDT 2008 | chrispy1963

Look into a used Siemens F-4 or F-5. These machines can be had for a reasonable cost, they are easy to maintain, the footprint is small (7' X 7.5') and they are simple to program. These machines have a 12 nozzle "Star" revolving placement head for

0201's, csp's and mold cap

Electronics Forum | Fri May 14 08:31:07 EDT 2004 | todd_ferrell

We're looking for a contractor who can support high volume production of 0201 passives and 1-2mm csp's to create 4mm sq. RF modules as well as mold cap capabilities. Any leads would appreciated.

Buried Capacitance In PWB

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 18 15:56:20 EDT 1999 | david dougherty

Hadco offers a technology of building in a "buried" capacitance layer (& other embedded passives) in organic PWBs (FR4 for example). see http://www.hadco.com/prod03.htm and a design manual is posted here: http://www.hadco.com/pdfs/bcguide.pdf I am c

Dispensing Paste for 0201-0402 uBGA devices?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 24 12:30:06 EDT 2004 | deonn

Thank you for your input Russ. I do understand the technical challenges that 0402-0201 present. As a matter of fact, I personally think it is a bad idea for these devices to even be processed using conventional assembly methods when the alternative

Re: SMD Inspection and Touch-up

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 10:44:08 EDT 1999 | Boca

| There is a practise within the industry of an Inspector inspecting a board, and that same Inspector performing touch-up. My opinion is that the Inspection and Touch-up operations should be separate functions whereby the Inspector is not performing

PC-based Oscilloscopes and KS0718 C Library

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 11 08:02:58 EDT 2008 | electronicsrobotics

Can anyone help about Multiport Serial Adapters, 8051 development tools, watchdog timer, Embedded C Compilers,8051 Free Info and Code, Multi Function Timers, World Class 8051 Trainers, PC-based Oscilloscopes and KS0718 C Library? I have gone throug

Die placement with MPA-G3 pick and place

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 06 07:53:51 EDT 2002 | Jim M.

Has anyone had much luck Picking and Placing die with a Panasonic MPA-G3?What special setups or considerations are required? Currently we pick and place one die with our Universal GSM using only one nozzle. The nozzle must be painted white in order

Use and Restrictions of solder containing lead

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 05 16:44:19 EDT 2003 | blnorman

The data we have is from an IBM report. Below 100�C the SAC reliability is almost double that of SnPb (-40 to 100�C thermal cycle). When the upper end temp is increased to 125�C the reliability drops to 75% of SnPb. I'd like to see the data that s

0201 Land Pattern and Aperture Shape Design

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 10 09:13:15 EST 2005 | davef

From http://www.IPC.org ... IPC-7351 - Generic Requirements for Surface Mount Land Pattern and Design Standard The successor to the IPC-SM-782A is here! The document covers land pattern design for all types of passive and active components, includ

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