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paper vs emboss (& zig zag placement)

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 27 15:09:24 EDT 2012 | ericrr

I notice that someone has set all the capacitors & resistors parts as emboss instead of paper tape. Does this make any difference to the pick and placement of the parts, By the way recently we changed from 1206 to 0603 parts, coming out of the mac

LED sticking into carrier tape

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 01 13:31:48 EDT 2017 | tey422

There is one thing to be checked too. That is to make sure the nozzle not going too deep when lower to pick up the part. I found a lot of picking errors issues are due to nozzle going down too deep into the pocket. If it does, it pushes the component

component stick at cover tape

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 18 23:03:07 EDT 2012 | eadthem

We have had this problem in the past, On paper tape resistors(old stock from before i took over and forced rotation on everything) and on embossed (national semi parts, strings of glue pulled back like seat belts across the pocket.) For the national


Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 01 12:39:06 EST 2008 | tsvetan

this is really nice one ;) paper and cotton have lowest potential to generate static electricity see below, and usually is good practice to wear cotton glowe at least to one of your hands to not leave greasy finger spots on the gold finish of the PC

Panasonic 08x04 Feeders Paper -vs- Emboss

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 15 13:41:23 EDT 2004 | Claude_Couture

We use paper tape in green emboss feeder without problems. But you can't use emboss tape in white paper feeder because the bottom of the tape needs a channel so the tape is supported on two side. Also, we remove all push pins. they are useless. We ne

New SMT Equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 10 14:36:11 EST 2011 | cyber_wolf

What else is there aside from 8mm embossed and paper ? I thought all 8mm tape is either paper or embossed.....

To lubricate feeders or not to lubricate feeders?

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 05 13:41:47 EST 2006 | bvdb

We recently purchased an old Fuji IP-I placement machine and have been testing 8x4 feeders for 0805 parts, etc. I have opened some of the non-working feeders to replace broken pieces and have noticed that some of the feeders are completely clean ins

0402 feeders

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 02 17:19:49 EDT 2006 | flipit

Yes 0402 8X4 embossed feeders exist for Panasonic MSR, Universal GSM, Contact Systems, and Mimot for sure. In the old days of 0402 components, 0402 resistors used to come in 8X4 paper tape but now I think most 0402 resistors and capacitors come in 8

0402 Placement

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 09 09:37:41 EST 2008 | flipit

I would suggest accepting components only in paper tape. I have had better luck with 0402s in punched paper over plastic embossed tape. You can also pick with oversized nozzles if your vision system does not give you trouble with seeing the nozzle.

Universal 4796B Questions...

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 13 12:18:56 EDT 2007 | swag

Our UCT runs on windows. I like to use UPS then drop that program on the machine then save it to UCT after it's running well. I guess mostly because I'm used to UPS/uploading CAD data. However, if you use UPS in combo with UCT you must be sure to

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