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Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 10 13:36:49 EST 2002 | caldon

The EMPF has published a paper/ study on this topic, one of there better pieces of work. http://www.empf.org/html/empfset.htm www.empf.org Doccument number rroo13 Best regards, Cal

PCB Surface finish

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 06 15:57:36 EDT 2004 | pjc

Here are links to some good articles on tin wiskering: http://www.empf.org/empfasis/sept03/tinwisk1.htm http://www.empf.org/empfasis/oct03/tinwisk2.htm http://www.empf.org/empfasis/oct03/tin3.htm

Machine ICOM 5000

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 07 10:34:05 EST 2012 | davef

Your machine is a quality control tool. It's good for measuring trends, like the way that you use the scale in your bathroom. It's not intended to be an absolute measure. Background on cleanliness tests * http://www.empf.org/empfasis/oct03/603clean.

Re: EMPF Emfasis

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 16 10:12:57 EST 2000 | Dave F

Now, that you have your chompers in place and the coffee cleaned from your screen, aren't you going to tell us about the research reports that EMPF produces that provide the information for those people that write some of the articles in our trade j

Re: coating with no-clean?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 14 13:28:13 EST 2000 | DaveH

EMPF is now in Philadelphiaunder the auspices of the American Competitiveness Institute. Ph 610-362-1200 Fax 610-362-1290 www.empf.org

Refreshing PCB Solderability

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 16 00:50:04 EDT 2002 | caldon

Dave- once again you are correct. ACI/Empf (www.aciusa.org or http://www.empf.org) have a process to electrochemically revert the process back to a usable form. contact Greg Wood at ACI 610-362-1200. Cal


Electronics Forum | Mon May 10 19:44:15 EDT 2004 | davef

Hi Gabriele Has the snow melted up there, yet? No, SMTA membership, while good in its own right, is not a prerequiste to ordering documents from EMPF. Select "order technical publications" here: http://www.empf.org/html/empfset.htm

Ionograph or Omegameter

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 08 15:17:35 EST 2004 | caldon

The EMPF published a nice article, now old but relative, to Cleanliness. www.empf.org Under Technical Docs The listing is ... RR0013 - An In-Depth Look at Ionic Cleanliness Testing - August 1993. Cal

dynamic/static contamination test

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 02 07:45:15 EST 2006 | davef

For more than you want to know about static and dynamic testers, read EMPF report RR000013, "An In-Depth Look at Ionic Cleanliness Testing". Request it from http://www.empf.org/index.html#

Paste life span on the printer

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 14 22:41:03 EST 2001 | CAL

There are also Process monitoring tools that mount directly to your blades and monitor the paste. Impedance Spectroscopy is the process monitoring theory behind the tool. It works by having good sample data logged that the monitoring tool can compare

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