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EPR software

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 27 02:55:43 EDT 2019 | oxygensmd

I am looking for a simple software which I can use in my production. I have the following task which I would like to solve with this software: - Components storage: counting the components in my production area. I would like to store their following

SPC - Attribute Defect Data Collection - recommendations?

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 05 23:51:24 EST 2019 | ushir

Hi all, I am looking for recommendations please on SPC software for an EMS. We currently have an in house system for doing this but it has not worked too well and and would rather go with an off the shelf tool instead of recreating the wheel. We es

Programming Software

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 08 13:16:06 EDT 2013 | unisoft

Take a look at the Unisoft software ( http://www.unisoft-cim.com ). For over 25 years this software has in use by Electronics Manufacturer CEM/EMS's and OEM's to automate New Product Introduction (NPI). It's perfect for Electronic Contract Manufact

Useful list of abbreviations for EMS

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 22 18:19:30 EST 2019 | nniculita

Google: nick's software abbreviations you'll find the online database

Is DEK USA gone

Electronics Forum | Fri May 24 09:19:02 EDT 2019 | davef

http://www.nordsonselect.com. Accel: Cookson created Speedline after purchasing: MPM®, Electrovert®, Accel®, and Camalot®. In 2003, KPS Special Situations Fund II purchased Speedline from Cookson. In, 2007, Illinois Tool Works ITW acquired Speedlin

ICT testing to improve yields

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 27 08:22:39 EDT 2012 | rway

Dan_ems wrote, "I already build such a system with hardware and software from National Instruments. I think is the best solution because you can buy for the start only a Multimeter (DMM), a multiplexer and a software. Is very easy to do the programmi

MRP for small EMS - DBA Manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 16 16:38:24 EDT 2008 | 17861

Guys, is somebody familiar with this software? What experience you have for not super expensive ERP/MRP system for up to 10-15 users?

Visual Manufacturing Users?

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 15 01:21:11 EST 1998 | George Henning

We are considering implementing a change of our operating software to Visual Manufacturing by Lilly Software Associates. We may also add portions of the quality package by IQS to help us meet quality standards (ISO 9002) requirements. If anyone has e

MRP for small EMS - DBA Manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 17 17:08:52 EDT 2008 | fsw

Where is your geographical location? It is important as we have a local company with a good MRP software that is reasonably priced & is price is not linked to number of users. Contact me @ dfwadia@yahoo.ca for further details. I am not a sales person

MRP for small EMS - DBA Manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 03 19:18:28 EST 2008 | dougbebs

You should check out Inovaxe, they have a sophisticated MRP solution dedicated to the needs of the electronic manufacturing industry. The system is called Inovision and is a full feature solution and is very unique in design and benefit. Also it is

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