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Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 10 16:51:01 EST 2010 | flipit

Anyone using ENEPIG electroless nickel electroless palladium immersion gold? Am currently using selectively plated gold 25 micro inches in combo SMT/COB gold ball bonded product. Gold cost has increased over the years. Palladium cost is much lower

Aluminum wire bonding on ENEPIG plated PCB

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 10 10:42:36 EDT 2013 | capse

Plasma cleaning is used extensively to clean surfaces prior to wire bonding.

Aluminum wire bonding on ENEPIG plated PCB

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 09 15:38:02 EDT 2013 | arendonk

Hi, We are having issues aluminum wirebonding on ENEPIG plated PCB by a too low pull force and or having lifts (1% range). Could any body advice how to solve this problem? Is there a special wire bond grade required? How to best clean contaminant

Aluminum wire bonding on ENEPIG plated PCB

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 09 18:10:35 EDT 2013 | davef

I don't know, but here is a link to a paper from the fine SMTnet Technical Library on a similar topic: http://www.smtnet.com/library/files/upload/Wire-Bonding-and-Soldering-on-Enepig.pdf Contact the authors and ask for their advice and help. BR, d

Regarding the choosing of right Suface Finishing

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 28 04:06:25 EDT 2015 | anirudh_thabjul

thankyou for your answer. I came to know that "ENIG/ENEPIG is much costlier than Immersion Silver and Immersion Tin. So, my company doesn't allow me to use ENIG/ENEPIG". So, i will suggust my company to use Immersion silver or Immersion tin. Rega


Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 12 05:53:32 EST 2010 | muarty

Hi Flipit, One of our customers has recently changed to this type of finish on their PCB's, due to them wire bonding MMIC devices in their factory after we do the SMT build. We found that we had to change all of our stencils for these products, as t

Gold and Palladium Plating

Electronics Forum | Fri May 17 10:53:15 EDT 2013 | davef

ENEPIG or Imm Pd? Concerns about palladium as a solderability protection are: * Palladium is more difficult to process in fab than gold * Palladium solder alloys can be brittle, similar to gold, without proper soldering process and/or specification/

Regarding the choosing of right Suface Finishing

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 27 14:39:38 EDT 2015 | davef

Anirudh: When board fabs talk "surface finishing" they're talking about the solderability protection that you'd like on the solderable copper component mounting pads that you laid-out for each component: * Bare copper pads corrode very quickly * Corr

PCB Design Question - Hard gold or ENIG for keypad button contacts

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 21 03:20:57 EST 2017 | pcbcart

We're a custom PCB manufacturing services provider based in China and we have made many high quality circuit boards for high end products. Based on your project requirements and our years' experience, we are positive that ENIG is totally sufficient.

PCB pad contamination

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 21 05:05:52 EDT 2007 | vangogh

Hi All, I would like to get some inputs regarding this.... I have bare PCB which were stored with kapton tape attached on the Au plated pads. These were stored for close to a year. Upon removal of kapton tape, we noticed discolorations on the edges o

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