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AOI inspection after reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 01 10:15:22 EDT 2013 | babe7362000

I have to agree with you. We do go by piece rate not by time. Also who is supposed to make a process, the Man.Eng., or the lead? I would think the Man. Eng and the lead should make sure everyone is following it?

Solder Paste Thickness Measuring Device

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 18 14:20:25 EST 2004 | pjc

here's another: http://cybertechnologies.com/eng/

Third Party Pick and Place Repair in the Florida Area

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 02 13:10:26 EDT 2004 | jbabson1

Fuji has a local rep in Florida and a field eng. in Tampa.

Dek printing issue

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 05 18:24:11 EST 2014 | wbrenner

Thanks for the contact info . I have the DEK process eng coming in.

Bad Buisness

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 18 16:43:41 EDT 2002 | Sam

Tech: "good afternoon ABC co. how can I help you?" Eng: your machine broken. Tech: okay, what is the problem you are having ? Eng: it no work, my boss is mad at me, no production. Tech: yes, uh, what exactly is the problem ? Eng: I don't know, night

Re: career change

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 12 15:22:50 EST 2000 | Michael Parker

Dave - the most significant difference between the two titles (that I have experienced) is the location of assignment. Usually MFG. Eng.'s are responsible to a fixed set of equipment and are more concerned with how the product acts within the machine

Immersion Gold over Nickle de-wetting problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 12 16:04:24 EST 2003 | O' Connor

Everybody thanks for all your help, the problem has been solved. Before I describe the solution I've got to own up, I'm the PCB Design Eng., The Process Eng. lobbed this problem onto my desk last week, said the problem lay with the PCB finish, whats

Agilent 5DX

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 12 12:37:06 EST 2009 | davidupton

Hi AJ, I typically don't reply to posts in this forum since I am an equipment supplier and this forum is for Eng to Eng information swap, but in this case, I did want to support an above post regarding YESTech's 3D X-ray product. YESTech does have

spare parts

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 11 13:09:01 EST 2001 | Sergio Vito

Hello, I am locking forward spare parts for insertion machines. Someone have experienced good alternative suplies for mechanical parts to panasert and/or Mydata and/or Siemens machines Thank you very much Eng. S�rgio Vito Intelbras

Re: qfp and soic joint Problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 11 14:59:05 EDT 2000 | Glenn Robertson

Jeremy - What's the process flow on these modules? Are they wave soldered? What is the board finish (ENG, HASL, etc.)? Glenn Robertson

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