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LGA voiding

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 31 11:48:36 EST 2019 | emeto

Hello experts, I have a 50mmx50mm LGA on a PCBA. I Would like to decrease voiding in these joints and I wanted to hear about your techniques to decrease voiding. Stencil is currently 5mil. SAC305. ENIG finish.

SMT voiding

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 17 14:45:57 EDT 2012 | kkay

We are experiencing voiding on one of our lead-free assemblies on every part. The voiding only occurs underneath the parts and not in the solder fillet (see pic). We have tried baking, curing, washing, multiple pastes and everything else we can think

Imm Silver and Voiding

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 22 17:47:05 EDT 2006 | davef

First, we expect voiding in imm silver to be similar to ENIG. We expect more voiding in OSP than other common solderability protection. Second, choosing a solder paste, which does not contain resins and activators that decompose at higher temperatu

N2 and Voiding??

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 17 09:55:48 EDT 2012 | anvil1021

Has anyone ever experienced void increase while using N2? Thanks for the Help!! anvil

Voids and BGA

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 01 14:51:55 EST 1998 | Vincenzo Longobardo

From several months I am investigation about the VOIDS PERSENCE and his important as reliability. One question now is : It is possible that on the BGA components the voids are already present into the balls, before the mounting on the pcb ? If you ha

Imm Silver and Voiding

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 22 00:16:24 EDT 2006 | Gman

Hello, Has anyone had issues with voiding while using Imm Silver PCB finish. Does thickness of silver, contamination of the plating bath or other factors if you come point out cause voids due to the plating.

Imm Silver and Voiding

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 23 10:10:15 EDT 2006 | Gman

Some amount of voiding was always seen on sites where solder paste is printed. These voids are much smaller. However the site where a flip chip is flux dipped has never had problems with voiding. Macro voids (and huge ones at that)across the board s

N2 and Voiding??

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 18 11:08:22 EDT 2012 | scottp

Since we follow IPC Class III, I've done experiments turning N2 on and off and measuring void level with both SnPb and SAC305 solder. In both cases there was a statistically significant, measurable increase in voids with N2, but it wasn't significan

Imm Silver and Voiding

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 26 08:08:32 EDT 2006 | davef

It does make you think the immersion coating is causing the voiding, doesn't it? We never have seen that.

Imm Silver and Voiding

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 28 16:16:09 EDT 2006 | Gman

Good article. Would EDX analysis of the cross-section at the void joints be a good method to determine any plating contamination or solder mask issues?

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