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PbF PCB finish

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 05 07:02:11 EST 2007 | CL

ASIR, Findings for us so far: OSP- has worked well for us for single sided boards only. We have seen problems with using it on double sided reflow applications. Also, some customers have specified OSP, but are intolerant of exposed copper. Limited

Black color solder wetting after reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 29 14:16:16 EDT 2011 | ppcbs

Below is the long explanation. This defect is most commonly found with BGA components, but can arrise with all components. I see it happening more now with lead free boards that are being assembled with a no clean flux. Best short term remedy is t

Re: white residue after wash

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 03 08:22:36 EST 1998 | Scott Cook

| At this moment in time we are using water soluble solder paste on our PCBs these are cleaned using water only, agitated with ultrasonics. After drying a white/grey residue is left around solder joints. Reflow profile is fine and a reliable wash pro

UBLOX Tim-4A reflow problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 08 19:09:44 EST 2006 | darby

I have just started production run using this component. After reflow I see that there is an undercut of solder between the pcb and the lead instead of a fillet. This means that some of the leads are sitting above the solder with no wetting to the co

Poor reflow over gold plating

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 16:25:51 EDT 2005 | mattkehoe

When discussing this with the customer he said that his vendor recommended a hard gold plating finish on the board due to the BGA. I said "hard gold"??? And he said yes, hard gold. Turns out the boards were plated with hard gold, not ENIG. Thank

ENIG (thru hole ring turns black after wave soldering)

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 02 15:02:50 EDT 2016 | davef

ASPIS (Advanced Surface Protection for Improved Reliability PCB Systems) The three year Aspis ‘Research for SMEs’ project has been conducted to address problems found with the nickel gold (ENIG) solderable finishes that are used by the electronics in

Pin Hole Issue after Reflow Soldering - Passive Components

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 09 14:04:22 EST 2018 | ameenullakhan

Hi Justin, The solder paste we are monitoring well. And there is thawing machine to make sure solder paste is not opened early, before it reaches its ambient temperature. we have got a suggestion that , it might be from PCB enig surface finish. Mig

Pin Hole Issue after Reflow Soldering - Passive Components

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 25 08:43:35 EST 2017 | arjunkolavara

Hi , We are having Pin hole issues on the passive locations in the board after the SMT reflow process. Details: PCB surface Finish : ENIG . Solder paste : Alpha OM338 – M13 / Indium SMQ92J Location : Its Random and more on passive components. {

Peelable Mask

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 22 05:30:06 EST 2007 | lococost

nothing but... We've had peel-off melting after reflow, burn up and turn hard and brown, melt in the holes and then turn hard... All very hard to remove afterwards. We have yet to find a proper solution.


Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 14 12:18:01 EST 2000 | genny

Hello all, Our company has always used HASL finish on our products. Recently however, we have a had a problem on a couple of boards that I have been told cannot be avoided with HASL, and we should switch to ENIG(electroless nickel immersion gold).

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