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Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 09 21:45:23 EDT 2005 | davef

We don't know, but we'd contact Enthone-OMI [ http://www.enthone-omi.com ] for suggestions. Enthone makes materials used by fabricators of HDI, microvia boards.

Entek PCB requirement

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 15 19:58:35 EDT 2005 | davef

Shikoku Glicoat SMD process is the market share leader for LF OSP in Japan and the Asian Rim. Enthone Entek is more of a US / Euroland product. Beyond that, it's not clear that Enthone has kept pace with product development necessary to compete in L

osp finish

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 22 08:48:42 EST 2004 | patrickbruneel

Kris, You will need to change your probes to "bite" into the surface twisting probes specialy designed for copper surfaces. The surface hardness of copper is a lot higher compared to tin. link to article from osp manufacturer (see page 5) http://www

Re: N-tech osp problems

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 26 20:19:51 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Never heard of N-Tech. Whose material do they use? Two common materials are: Imidazole (Via Systems) and Entek (Enthone) OSP is a lacquer that fabs apply to boards by either spraying or dipping. What thickness control does your fab use? For inst

Re: Permanent Marking Ink for ID# on PCB while circuit board is being built on Flowline

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 03 17:12:49 EDT 2000 | Ramon I Garcia C

Hi!!! I think, you should visit www.enthone.com this it's the internet place of an inks company named Polyclad Technologies. I hope this information can help you...

Solder balls on solder side!!

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 28 10:00:46 EST 2001 | dason_c

Please advise what kind of the solder mask, glossy or matt? Matt finished can reduce the solder ball significant. Check Enthone, Enplate DSR Series. Good Luck!

Immersion Ag

Electronics Forum | Mon May 13 14:15:46 EDT 2002 | davef

Entek is Enthone's OSP [organic solderability protection]. It is widely used in the PCB fabrication business. Imidazole (Via Systems) is good, but is not as widely available. Search the fine SMTnet Archive on: * OSP * Entek CU-56, Entek Plus CU-10

Silver Immersion Problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 29 11:57:10 EDT 2008 | davef

These streaks could roller marks. Look here [ http://www.enthone.com/docs/AlphaSTAR-UP2-Troubleshooting.pdf ] near the bottom of page 1.

Silver Emerge

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 14 21:14:04 EDT 2001 | davef

There�s tons of stuff on-line. Do a net search on "immersion silver". Examples are: * http://www.smta.org/knowledge/proceedings_abstract.cfm?PROCEEDING_ID=571 * http://www.enthone-omi.com/articles/FinalFinishesT1.pdf * http://www.epa.gov/opptintr

How do you clean OSP PCB's without washing it off?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 14 20:11:19 EDT 2006 | davef

You weren't specific about the OSP that you use. We use Entek Plus CU-106A. Yes, just about everything removes Entek, especially if there's heat involved. Ethone states: * Alcohol strips 70% of the coating * Water removes 15% * Kyzen Lonox only t

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