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Voiding in CSP Ground pad

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 05 15:16:15 EST 2003 | davef

If the voiding is not related to entrapped air in your vias, consider trying a different paste.

Solder paste transfer from jar to cartridge

Electronics Forum | Tue May 11 14:17:55 EDT 2010 | isd_jwendell

Getting the paste from the jar and into the cartridge without entrapping air can be difficult. Can you not just transfer the 500g jar into smaller working jars? This way you can keep the bulk of your paste refrigerated until needed. Air is not your f

BGA underfill necessary with conformal coat?

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 27 18:23:01 EST 2002 | kmorris

Does anyone have experience doing conformal coating over Plastic BGA in High-Rel PCB assembly? Is underfill necessary to avoid problems with entrapped air, etc? Our application is a 17x17mm BGA, 256 I/O. We are assembling with a water soluable pas

Best practice to validate the old - more than 5 year old parts

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 12 17:39:14 EST 2019 | davef

When I hear "pinholes" in solder connections, I think of two sources, depending on the situation, which can be either: + Entrapped air and process chemicals develop during reflow soldering to cause the pinholes in and around the intermetallic layer

Re: Solder paste recovery

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 28 21:03:48 EST 2000 | Dave F

Getting people to stop sounds like a good idea, but once they get running after a lengthy set-up, you can sort of understand why they don't want to stop when they quickly run out of paste after emptying a partially filled tube. Beyond the paste qual

0402 wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 15 03:20:59 EST 2009 | sachu_70

Hi Andrzej, I guess you mean peelable solder resist. Good idea to try during R&D, but certainly not a solution on production floor. Also, few constraints to be considered such as presence of entrapped air between component and solder resist, the natu

QFN voiding levels

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 15 22:31:06 EDT 2010 | Mag10

Depending on the how you plug the via, the void level can significantly affected. If you have via plugged from the bottom side; i.e. opposite side of the component, you will see alot of void due to entrapped air in the via hole. I found work best wh

Conformal Coating

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 30 21:30:00 EST 2023 | ritronusa

Having issues with getting the right formula for a GPD simplecoat machine. We tried a silicone that hardened in our lines and when we try acrylic it is either showing air entrapment or cobwebbing.

Solder Mask Bubbling On PCB from Supported Via Holes

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 15 16:12:23 EDT 2008 | boardhouse

Hi Armynski, I sell for an offshore board house, yes, it is common for offshore board shops to fill vias. The bubble is caused by air entrampment within the hole it self, when heat is applied during Hot air and the via is covered on both sides the e

Re: Solder paste recovery

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 29 10:50:24 EST 2000 | blnorman

Vacuum casting (same process used to make solid rocket motors) should remove any air from the paste. We had thought of pressurizing the tubes to remove the residual paste, but that would entrap air. The problem of tubes sitting out for different

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