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SnAgBi supplier

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 22 18:00:49 EDT 2002 | davef

It doesn't appear to be a proprietary mix. Maybe it's 'neither Alpha Metals nor Kester WILL [want to] supply it.' It's interesting. A lot of the discussion of a solder replacement for 63/37 has centered on high temperature alloys. In real life,

equipment purchase

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 12 18:05:06 EDT 2003 | ronald mupfeki

Our company wants to establish a department that deals only in rework and repair of populated through hole & smt pcbs from outside companies .However given the wide variety of suppliers & with all equipment looking like it has been branded can anyone

Used equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue May 01 09:58:20 EDT 2007 | rgduval

Basem, I can't direct you to a dispensing machine, as I'm not familiar with them. But, I can tell you what we do. We specialize in short volume, prototype quantity runs. Since prototypes and short quantities are not conducive to volume operations

Looking for equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 25 11:20:31 EST 2014 | detecheurope

Hi Rob, If you are still looking for equipment then we may have a handful of machines suitable for your requirement, we have three second user pick and placement machines available with the capacity to place over 15,000 chips per hour. Please drop

Manufacturers of lease equipment

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 18 23:13:46 EST 2005 | KEN

My current company used to manufacturer the electronics for coin star. That aside...if you have no intent to sell in Europe you are not affected. But imagine if you (Coin Star)are approached by Europe's largest retailer for 5,000 Kiosks. "Oh", the

Manual SMT equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 01 13:26:12 EST 2014 | budro

My company is considering purchasing manual SMT equipment. I don't have any experience with manual equipment. Can anyone suggest a good supplier? Also, is there a advantage using low volume automated equipment?

Reliability checking equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 23 09:35:40 EST 1999 | AF Ng

I am looking for a small set of equipment which I can use to perform solder joint reliability test . Could someone provide supplier contacts. The equipment should be able to provide temperature cycling capability. Thank you

Resitance testing equipment

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 11 07:13:43 EST 2005 | Daniel Peeters

Hi, I am kind of new in this forum. I would like to know if there exist some SMT manuft. using end of line resistance testing for SMT1206 resistance? If yes do you know possible suppliers? Kind Regards, Daniel Peeters

Re: About SMT equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 23 09:46:03 EDT 1998 | Cunli Jia

Igor, If you have not gotten the help you need from earlier messages on this forum, try a search on the SMTnet Directory of Suppliers. You can also browse the whole database by product categories (such as Pick-and-Place Machines) or company names

used equipment shopping

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 18 12:37:21 EST 2007 | slthomas

At this point I'm comfortable with my suppliers, although we will definitely look at the machines running and verify they'll build our products to our satisfaction. All three machines meet or exceed our requirements for component range, speed, accu

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