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Question: q offset on pick and place machine?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 02 04:12:06 EDT 2019 | directx995

Hello everyone, Here is the question: What is the maximum q offset which can be corrected on polarized component? This question is refereed to Machine/Process Management segment of PCBA. I rly don't get this question, can any1 help? Where should

0201 and Lead Free

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 13 17:41:04 EST 2011 | davef

A Study Of 0201’s And Tombstoning In Lead-Free Systems, Phase II Comparison Of Final Finishes And Solder Paste Formulations http://sheaengineering.com/Documents/APEX%2008%200201s%20and%20Tombstoning%20phase%202%20paper.pdf CONCLUSION The condition

Spacing and Yield

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 18 11:34:36 EDT 2001 | jschake

The tightest spacing between neighboring 0201 components assembled was 8-mils. Please refer to the response for the query entitled �Minimizing Tombstoning Defects� posted by martys, as the response provided there is also relevant to address this que

BGA rework and inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu May 30 10:31:03 EDT 2002 | robbied

Hi Yannick. This is an issue that we are just recently getting into but here is some ifo that I have gathered so far. I have seen/ used 2 different rework machines. The one we have bought is a 'PACE TF2000' which was at the lower cost end of the mar

BGA ball and PCB pad

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 18 12:42:43 EST 2004 | babe

OK, if the sphere of the ball and the paste on the pad are both eutectic, 63/37 then the paste will reflow first causing a drop of the component, after which the spheres will reflow causing a double drop and a good intermettalic. You can see this by

Rework and repair system suggestions

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 27 11:33:59 EST 2005 | russ

For what you have right now I would recommend that you use soldering iron tips that are made for component removal. until you get BGAs I wouldn't worry a whole lot about the expensive rework equipment. I would use specialty tips and a heat gun wit

CSM-84 pick and place machine.

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 12 13:19:27 EST 2011 | tpappano

A simple trick I read either here or on another P&P forum is to use "Silly Putty". Place a small thin spot of Silly Putty on the top of the front conveyor rail, and put the machine in "manual" mode. Steer head #1 over the putty and lower it, leavin

CSM-84 pick and place machine.

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 12 18:35:56 EST 2011 | gabriel1blue

Thank you, that works perfect!! Now I was able to set up the offset's and program the machine, but now head #1 will move to the feeder location but it will not move down to pick up the part, then it moves to the drop area, but its only happening on h

CSM-84 pick and place machine.

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 13 16:28:00 EST 2011 | tpappano

Does nozzle #1 lower at all when it should pick up a part or is it just staying in the fully up position? If it does come down, but not quite far enough to contact the part, there are adjusting nuts on top of the head that set the lower limit for no

CSM-84 pick and place machine.

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 11 17:02:57 EST 2011 | gabriel1blue

Hello, I have a CSM-84 pick and place machine, and every time a make a programm the location where the part get place is way different from the location on the program which tell me that the offset's are way off, but when I try to calibrate the mach

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