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Ersa ETS 330 wave pump

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 19 02:37:24 EDT 2017 | bukas

Hello everyone, i recently got Ersa ETS 330 wave machine '94. I got it running and heaters and flux pumps are ok, but I have problem with 2nd wave pump. It runs for 10-15 sec and then shuts down with error message on display. I checked bearings and

wave soldering with N-Wave 330

Electronics Forum | Wed May 28 09:51:06 EDT 2008 | andrzej

Hi, what is minimal time for fluxer to prepare for fluxing another frame ? Is it possible to run through fluxer frame after frame without any spacing between them ? Thanks for any comments, Andrzej

Wave soldering machines experiences

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 20 05:50:48 EDT 2019 | bukas

Hello everyone, I'm out on market for wave soldering machine. I have been using ERSA 330 ETS for three years now, but it is quite old and I would like something newer. I'm considering ERSA N wave 330, yom 2005; and SEHO PowerWave 8440, yom 2010. Wha

Selecting wave solder

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 02 11:07:45 EDT 2017 | soldertraining

I think SEHO GoWave 1030 is better than ERSA ETS 330. The SEHO GoWave 1030 is a powerful soldering system for mass soldering applications. It's used for all types of soldering.

Selecting wave solder

Electronics Forum | Thu May 18 04:28:43 EDT 2017 | bukas

hello everyone, I need to choose between ERSA ETS 330 and SEHO GoWave 1030. can you please tell me your experiences with these machines? thank you very much.

Selecting wave solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 02 12:04:42 EDT 2017 | davejohnson

Hopefully not too late of a reply... We currently have both, the Ersa ETS 330 (running LEAD solder) and Seho GoWave 1030 (RoHS solder). Bought the Ersa used, and it seems like a strong built industrial high volume machine. We've needed to modify it a

Pb-Free wave Soldering - With or Without N2 ?

Electronics Forum | Mon May 17 16:34:25 EDT 2004 | pjc

I am an equip mfrs rep. I took a customer to my wave solder principal's factory to run their boards on a wave with no-Pb alloy, (Sn96.5 Ag3.0 Cu0.5) in air environment. The results were excellent with pot temp of 263C (505F). Their boards are low to

Which one is better Soltec Delta-X or Ersa Powerflow N2 wave solder machine?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 25 09:52:06 EDT 2015 | byviko

Hello, we will buy new wave soldering machine . Trying to decide between two model; Soltec Delta-x and ERSA Powerflow N2. Could you help us , which one is better? most of pcb low volume, others high volume. At first low batch production will be done

Which one is better Soltec Delta-X or Ersa Powerflow N2 wave solder machine?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 29 07:17:25 EDT 2015 | donlockard

Seho maxi wave 3240 should be considered as well. Invented full tunnel nitrogen systems that have lower operating costs and provide yields unlike what can be achieved by air wave systems.

ERSA EWS330 >>Intermittent restart problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 26 07:01:42 EDT 2009 | mysmt

Hello, Facing a problem intermittently . ERSA EWS 330 wave solder machine is restarting in continuous reset & restart mode. Next day machine works normal.

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