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ERSA users 1.8/2.5 nozzle

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 14 18:51:08 EST 2013 | tombstonesmt

We use a 2mm with our Pillarhouse Jade Mark II. We found that reducing the nitrogen enough that the area around the nozzle stays hot enough not to "freeze".

ERSA users 1.8/2.5 nozzle

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 15 10:54:38 EST 2013 | jaimebc

Thanks for the pointer tombstonesmt, I'll give that a shot. Being able to utilize this nozzle will help tremendously. I'll post results as they become available.

ERSA users 1.8/2.5 nozzle

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 14 10:24:53 EST 2013 | jaimebc

Recently, we have been experimenting with the 1.8/2.5 nozzle to be able to solder leads that are near an SMD. This pcbs were not design for selective solder, so we are trying to work within this limitations. I found the 1.8 nozzle very hard to insta

BGA rework systems

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 25 13:00:12 EST 2002 | steve

Ersa is the choice for lower end repair and rework systems. Airvac is the choice for higher end systems. Stay away from low end hot air units. They typically do not present an even flow of heat across the component. The Ersa requires no nozzles, whic

ERSA Selective Solder questions

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 06 13:04:50 EDT 2013 | williamaxler

I used method 'A' but I leave the wave on. I use a stainless steal brush like 7248T13 on McMaster-Carr.com. This way I can apply the acid and scrub the nozzle. Another important part is get a small brush to push down into the nozzle to make sure y

Rework Station

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 09 18:46:04 EST 2003 | ReworkMAN

The DRS systems are far superior. They don't compete with ERSA or Metcal. The nozzle technology, heaters, and software are so much better. I would find a used DRS22C and use it before those other systems. The vision system in the DRS22 is great

Dross removal

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 27 11:48:59 EDT 2006 | stepheniii

I use adipic acid to clean our Ersa selective solder machine nozzles. Makes a huge difference and is quick and easy.

PACE TF1500 or 1700 BGA Rework feedback

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 24 04:49:23 EST 2006 | Loco

Give the Ersa a look. Big advantages: closed loop and no 10 different nozzles. (I wont boast about 'how great' it is, give your local Ersa rep a call and decide for yourself!)

Selective Soldering Nozzle Life

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 04 13:26:40 EDT 2016 | duoman

Mainly for ERSA machines, but I welcome other machines info also. What are you guys getting in regard to nozzle life? I am running an ERSA 3/45 with 4 solder pots in it. 2 lead solder and 2 leadfree. I'm very pleased with the nozzle life I'm gettin

Selective soldering justification

Electronics Forum | Thu May 12 11:56:42 EDT 2005 | pr

Ersa Versaflow has a nozzle we use for soldering 70 pin connectors, with smt parts 3mm from the leads. As far as soldering through hole (without the tight SMT parts)It's reliable, easy to program and very good quality joints. Your advantages are spee

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