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DFM gerber tool

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 25 11:33:32 EDT 2005 | slthomas

I suppose it depends on your layout software. My weak recollection of what PowerPCB does is allow you to set up rules as far as spacing and where parts are placed, then you run the rule check, er something like that. As far as "Also what I"m thinkin

Mydata A12 tool tip damage

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 20 07:09:29 EDT 2007 | chrispy1963

Sr. Tech, youre absolutely correct that the X-Wagon (pancake) motor is the one which will do final positioning when moving to a programmed position. The X Axis motor in back of the machine is used for rapid traverse of the axis. I was thinking more

MyData A12 tool tip damage

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 27 11:58:42 EDT 2012 | cyber_wolf

Your tool tips are being damaged because the small x-motor is not engaging when the head is picking parts. When this happens the head overshoots and you bang the tips on the mag springs. Directly after a tip gets damaged go into the service program a

ERSA250 reflow oven - power shutdown

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 14 00:05:50 EDT 2013 | felo188

Some ideas?

ERSA250 reflow oven - power shutdown

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 01 14:53:24 EDT 2013 | felo188

it's means that a pcb part responsible for second top zone is broken. To make sure i changed second thermocouple and heater with first. Now there is no overshoot. But I have still problem with automatically shutdown. It is turning off after 1 or 2

Mydata Hydra tool reference mark error

Electronics Forum | Mon May 06 11:16:07 EDT 2013 | rdubya

if you don't have anything obstructing the camera then it sounds like it could be the camera power supply going bad. what version of tpsys are you running?

BGA, ERSA, Why tem goes 300'c by itself when power on.

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 15 09:48:53 EST 2008 | luke555

i am using ersa ir500a. my lab room's power is very low. it always shutting down by itself. My question is, after power on, the tem go to 300'c and stay there without runing profile. any one can help me please.

BGA, ERSA, Why tem goes 300'c by itself when power on.

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 17 08:43:14 EST 2008 | stiva

Have seen this problem on other types of oven and it was caused by failed solid state relays that energise the heaters.

Solder Iron

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 14 14:48:53 EDT 2003 | babe

The Ersa Power Tool does an awsome job and has a very large selection of tips. Keep in mind that the larger the tip the more stored energy. The Waveroom Plus in Londonderry NH sold us our Power tool and we tried everything nothing else worked. Good L

Solder Iron

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 21 16:00:51 EDT 2003 | nathan

I agree the Ersa Power tool is probably the most powerful iron on the market, unless you want an iron that takes two hands to hold. We have put the power tool against many irons and none have the capability or power, it should work well for you, and

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