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ERSA EWS 330 fluxer software ERSAsoft 2.1 ???

Electronics Forum | Thu May 14 13:10:59 EDT 2020 | bukas

Hello, anyone got a installation software for ERSA EWS330? Can it run on winXP? Thanks.

ERSA Selective Solder questions

Electronics Forum | Thu May 02 14:58:20 EDT 2013 | stephendo

Kurtz had a guy that was great with the machine. I strongly suggest that you watch the wave height test a few times in the morning then at lunch and at the end of the day. Look where the solder goes up to on the probe. If it doesn't work consistent

Rework Station

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 09 18:46:04 EST 2003 | ReworkMAN

The DRS systems are far superior. They don't compete with ERSA or Metcal. The nozzle technology, heaters, and software are so much better. I would find a used DRS22C and use it before those other systems. The vision system in the DRS22 is great

Time to retire the wave?

Electronics Forum | Wed May 23 10:40:52 EDT 2007 | ck_the_flip

I was the "victim" of an old soltec wave too, along with their DOS-based piece-of-dung software. We have since replaced it. Generally, I find the European equipment makers very weak in the software department. Good examples are DEKs and Soltecs. A

ERSA Wave Solder 330-F Spray Fluxer

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 20 10:17:47 EDT 2018 | sarcher

We purchased a ERSA Wave Solder 330-F machine recently "As Is", with NO warranty. Trying to get the machine started, we've ran into trouble with the Spray Fluxer ESF. During the initial verification run, the spray fluxer would move 4 times to the ce

ERSA Hotflow 5

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 21 11:07:39 EST 2015 | jfuess

Hello all, I have recenetly come into possesion of a used Hotflow 5 oven and I'm trying to get it running. Unfortunatly the LCD/Keypad has been damaged and although it still works, some of the buttons don't function and the LCD has lines through i

BGA Rework Station - Profiler

Electronics Forum | Wed May 16 17:54:31 EDT 2007 | johnwnz

why not use your std profiler that you use for your ovens? if you want real time then hook it up to the PC running the ersa or stick the software on the laptop. If you suspect that your profile is drifting you need to get yourself a good repeatable t

Re: BGA Assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 25 07:54:16 EDT 2000 | CAL

We were using a Glenbrook RTX then upgraded to a jewel box. We have been extremely pleased with both Glenbrook units.Glenbrook has great analytical BGA software.Glenbrook and ERSA have also teamed up to provide total inspection solution package. 973-

ERSA Hotflow7

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 24 13:36:06 EDT 2008 | georgegaytan

Can somebody help me? I have an Ersa Flow 7 but the hard drive from the PC is completely damage. I need a copy of the software in order to get my machine running but I do not want to pay Ersa for all kinds of fees to get a copy. I do not mind paying

Time to retire the wave?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 24 14:03:09 EDT 2007 | grantp

Hi, I am ok either way, and the main reason I originally went with Soltec was the overall oven design seemed cleaner than ERSA. The soltec had good performance, but the oven design was neat internally, where the ERSA seemed to be a bit of a mess.

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