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versaflow flux

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 01 10:48:21 EDT 2009 | mschmidt23

My company recently purchased an Ersa Versflow and I am looking for a flux that will work for this machine.

versaflow flux

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 08 07:01:16 EDT 2009 | Jeff

We use Kester 979 no clean flux in our Ersa.

Nitrogen gassing ring

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 11 08:37:35 EST 2017 | tch

My company has had the same issue on our Versaflow 366 with SAC305, we tried ultrasonic cleaning and it worked for a shift and then was clogged again. We have had the machine for 3 years and we have had to replace the gassing rings twice so far. We a

ERSA Versaflow

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 08 05:00:43 EDT 2006 | egrice

Try calling ERSA 920-893-3772 directly for spare parts and service.

ERSA Versaflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 02 17:00:13 EDT 2006 | Chris G.

Does anyone have a motor frequency inverter(driver) for an ERSA Versaflow, that you can sell me? It says "Seidel" and then "digifas 7200". I know this is a long shot, but even if it's used I'll take it.

ERSA VersaFlow

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 20 18:37:02 EDT 1998 | Jason

Does anyone use the VersaFlow system from ERSA? If so how reliable is it really? and what does the actual repeatability look like? Any maintenance problems or parts issues? ERSA almost promises 100% yield from this machine for our application. That

Ersa Versaflow flux

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 23 20:34:14 EST 2004 | greg york

Try Hi-grade Alloy Corp in Chicago we sell the flux over in the Uk and have several companies using 3541 flux on the Versaflow, works really well no bridging or icicling

Ersa Versaflow flux

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 12 17:20:11 EST 2004 | adlsmt

Anyone have a flux that is good at preventing bridges for this application?

Ersa Versaflow flux

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 24 18:04:22 EST 2004 | adlsmt

Im using Hi-Grade 1075 now. Is the 3541 a no-clean?

Ersa Versaflow flux

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 25 08:42:23 EST 2004 | patrickbruneel

Give this one a try http://www.interfluxusa.com/Datasheets/IF2005M.html

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