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Static Detectior for ESD program

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 10 18:05:11 EDT 2002 | mikestringer

What have your experiences been with static meters for maintaining your ESD program? As part of our ESD program I am after an improved method of identifying risk items, or items not performing to specification. We use wrist and foot straps, ESD flo

floor and air conditioning, shop floor requirements

Electronics Forum | Thu May 02 15:29:19 EDT 2013 | jim_n_hky

I can't answer your specific question on the floor, but I have some suggestions. The equipment manufacturer should be able to provide the floor loading requirements. A structural engineer should be able to translate that into specs for hte constructi

Re: Moisture sensitive device processing

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 25 04:12:34 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

| At Sanders (Military manufacturer), we have only started using plastic parts within the past few years. After being tasked with reviewing the new J-Std-033, it became obvious to me our process for controlling device exposure is weak. We build very


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