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ESD safe handling baskets

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 02 06:04:50 EST 1999 | hany a. salam

Hi there IN our facility we made a prototype for a handling basket utilizing the empty trays of the our used chips like TSOP's. We have embeded them into a metal frame. Now I ask if this can work as an ESD safe handling baskets. thankyou Hany

ESD safe wash basket liner/cover

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 11 10:59:09 EST 2010 | sumote

I am having some trouble finding an ESD safe wash basket liner. The trouble isn't finding someone who sells a product, the problem is all 3 products I have evaluated fail testing. All 3 were generators in excess of 2kv with 1 hitting over 4kv! This i

Re: ESD safe handling baskets

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 10 01:58:11 EST 1999 | Adel Zaky.

Mr. John A coleague of mine insisted to ask you about using a normal general purpose plastic baskets for handling the PCA's. He sujests to cover the interior of the baskets using some kind of ESD safe material(like those special ESD safe bags) to av

Re: ESD safe handling baskets

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 10 15:08:18 EST 1999 | John Thorup

I would be afraid to have this kind of basket holding my boards. Yes, in most cases, you would not get damage if the boards were closed inside of a good, metalized (silver colored) ESD protective bag. The problem is that the boards usually have to c

Re: ESD safe handling baskets

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 02 16:00:29 EST 1999 | John Thorup

Well...maybe. First you would have to determine what type of trays you have. Conductive, dissipative or non conductive(non static generating). Dissipative would be your best choice. In the charged body model, the sudden discharge through a conduct

ESD Shelving

Electronics Forum | Tue May 04 15:25:19 EDT 2021 | lasmith132

Can the plastic shelving be used if the ESD sensitive material are in ESD safe bags? ESD safe containers? on ESD safe trays? Thank you!

ESD Material

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 19 18:31:05 EDT 2004 | mykomark

I'm looking for an acceptable method for posting information such as ESD certification at an ESD controlled workstation. Are ESD-safe plastic envelopes available? Vendor? Are other solution available for posting information at the workstation, in

ESD Safe Fasteners

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 25 15:17:37 EDT 2002 | russ


ESD question

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 15 16:14:42 EDT 2005 | rsmith@z-mar.com

There are ESD safe trashcans and ESD safe trashbags on the market. If anyone has an interest, please send me an e-mail and I will pass along more info.

Mesh for board washer baskets

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 30 15:06:01 EDT 2004 | waveroom

Yes the Plastisol is ESD Safe. Make sure when ordering you specify black esd safe plastisol. We probably would pick it up anyhow, but best to make sure.

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