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essemtec csm7100/csm7000 and pantera assistance

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 31 03:46:34 EDT 2021 | earesearch

Hello, I currently have several csm7100, csm7000plus and pantera xv from essemtec. I wanted to see if anyone here was interested in training per hour or job. I have another friend who also has a csm7000 and needs some assistance in a few areas to g

not intellectual feeders in CSM7100

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 18 15:10:35 EDT 2012 | smtivan

Dear Colleagues! Our organization has a lot of not-intellectual feeders for Essemtec Pick&Place CSM7000, but we would like to use this feeders in Essemtec CSM7100. Does it possible? What will we need to do for normal work of CSM7100 with old feeders

Multitronics 2000 SX

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 19 12:26:41 EST 2004 | pjc

ccleland is exactly correct. Ah yes, fond memories of working on the old Ragen locator!! I believe Tyco has discontinued the entire Multitroniks product line (Tyco web site just shows Mirae and Quad Q series machines) and will likely consider the 200

Researching placement machines - where do I start?!

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 30 07:16:17 EDT 2009 | jeffreyj

Any comments on a newer Essemtec CSM 7000 or 7100? How about an older Multitroniks Intelliplacer 10 ('00 or '01 vintage)? The latter seems a bit excessive for our purposes, and the fact they are now under Tyco's umbrella is definitely bad news, bu

Dont't know how to proceed with a new pick & place

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 26 19:40:25 EDT 2014 | jfduque

Hello everyone. First, I would like to apologize for my bad English, this is my first post and I came to this forum looking for help. I'm working in a small electronics company, and last year we've decided to invest in our first SMT production li

Entry-Level PnP + BGA?

Electronics Forum | Sat May 05 00:44:55 EDT 2012 | isd_jwendell

I currently use an Essemtec CSM7100V (I've used it for about 5 years), which will place 0.5mm pitch and 0402s. I bought this after selling a Manncorp machine (used it for about 3 years). Service from Essemtec (manufacturer) is MUCH different than Man

SMT equipment

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 25 18:32:16 EDT 2007 | colormaker

We have narrowed down our search for a new P&P machine with the help of the few thousand threads I have read. We have our eye on three machines APS L60 by APS MC 383 by MannCorp CSM7100 by ESSEMTEC Anyone have any comments on our three finalist ? Fe

Quad 1000, looking for opinion

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 02 11:27:45 EST 2005 | rlackey

Depends on the actual requirements of the machine & the skill of the operator, but for that sort of money I've seen Juki 570's with a stack of feeders, Versatronics RV4's, older Mydata's, Samsung CP30's, Essemtec, Philips CSM's etc. I even once bough

Small batch Manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 20 23:56:35 EST 2007 | isd_jwendell

I run a prototype/small-run shop, so I'll include some recommendations too: 1) Don't buy a machine for just what you are doing today. Once you get into this field you will find demand to do more. 2) Don't scrimp on the stencil & machine. You will spe

Researching placement machines - where do I start?!

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 06 08:50:07 EST 2009 | jeffreyj

adlsmt - I do apply paste (Kester EP256) by hand to the boards now with 5 mil thick stainless steel stencils. A few of the parts almost always need rework, though, either because I didn't place them accurately or there's too much paste, or it got sme

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