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Best Jet Printer? MY600?

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 05 18:50:00 EDT 2016 | bootstrap

Roughly what is the price of the Essemtec Scorpion? Is that capable of applying solder paste for 0201 discrete components and 0.40mm to 0.50mm pitch BGAs? Also, what is the difference between my500 and my600? Are both currently made models? And r

Best Jet Printer? MY600?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 25 17:58:22 EST 2016 | spoiltforchoice

I think its sufficiently niche that the only similar product is the Essemtec Scorpion, which is cheaper and slower. However depending on just how low volume you are Essemtecs platform can also pick and place on the same machine (albeit with few jet n

Best Jet Printer? MY600?

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 06 08:54:35 EDT 2016 | spoiltforchoice

Essemtec like to keep some details to themselves to make you initiate contact but the Jet nozzle page states it can do 0.4mm dots. Last I checked a single Jet dispenser was about £15k GBP, the Scorpion machine itself is effectively the same platform


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