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SMT BGA capable oven and stencil printer.

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 20 17:07:20 EST 2007 | kennyrebbe

I am looking for a new semi automatic Stencil printer, and reflow oven that is capable of doing double sided boards with BGA�s. We currently own a Manncorp 4500R stencil printer https://www.manncorp.com/4x00_stencil_printers/index.php?view=overview&a

Pin in paste connectors and lead-free questions

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 22 09:53:13 EDT 2019 | kylehunter

Hey all! As background, I recently purchased a full SMT line for my company. We have a DEK 265, an assembleon opal xii, and a Heller 1500. Currently our jobs are leaded, and the heller is working perfectly. An upcoming job that we are potentially g

In same board both leaded and lead-free components used.

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 13 06:49:53 EDT 2004 | imtiaz

In one board we are using 213 SMT components out of which 23 components are lead-free and the rest are leaded. The paste used is also leaded. Do we have to make any changes in the profile of our reflow oven ? Also will there be any negative effect on

Leaded and Lead-Free products in single SMT line

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 01 02:51:31 EDT 2011 | zedor

HI, We currently have two SMT lines, one running leaded products and the other lead-free. There is a recommendation to combine the two to increase the line capacity. What do you think are the pros and cons, is there a risk in contamination ot the

Need low cost pick and place machine for limited production

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 11 17:36:44 EDT 2009 | dyoungquist

You are looking for a complete SMT assembly line plus possible X-Ray inspection and rework equipment. The 3 components of the SMT line are stencil printer, pick-n-place machine and reflow oven. How small are your components? 0603? 0402? What is the


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