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Etch loss using 1 oz Cu in flex

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 30 21:46:49 EST 1999 | Kallol Chakraborty

etch->strip what would be the etch loss then? Please Help.

ammonium sulfate etching process

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 16 06:13:16 EST 2000 | Adam Seychell

I am currently building a home PCB etching tank based on the ammonia/ammonium sulfate chemistry. The etching system consists of a etching tank, and an electrolytic copper recovery tank. The result is a infinitely replenishable etching system without

chem etching

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 04 18:23:19 EDT 1998 | john

We are looking for chem etching equipment. Does anyone know where I can find chem / laser systems?

chemical etching

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 16 01:28:45 EDT 2002 | redmary

during the failure analysis, how to etch the tin,nickle,and copper?

Laser etching onto PCBs

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 17:57:50 EDT 2021 | cyber_wolf

Place a label and etch that instead of the PCB. Too many variances in solder mask

Removal of Parylene by Plasma Etching

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 16 15:00:45 EST 1997 | Chris Fontaine

I am looking for information regarding the removal of parylene through a plasma etching process. Any information about this subject, or the plasma etching process in general would be greatly appreciated. Vendor comments are also welcome. Thank y

Re: Removal of Parylene by Plasma Etching

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 19 12:09:16 EST 1997 | Brett Goldstein

At my previous job I tried to remove parylene using a plasma etching process. I don't remember the parameters used, but I do remember this: we had almost no success in removing parylene using plasma etching. I'd be quite interested in hearing if y

chemical etching

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 16 13:16:11 EDT 2002 | davef

Hey Mar, Sounds serious!!! Poke around Buehler, Leco, or Struers Try IPC TM-650 Test Methods Manual: 2.3.6A Etching, Ammonium Persulfate Method - 7/75 2.3.7A Etching, Ferric Chloride Method - 7/75 Cupric Chloride Etching Method - 12/94

PCB exhibit internal short - x-section find cu residue

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 16 16:39:17 EDT 2007 | davef

We doubt that entrapped process chemicals cause under-etch. Over-etch maybe, but not under-etch Under-etch is an indicator of improper process control/improper chemistry during etching. Under-etch can result in bridging between traces, resulting in

chemical etching

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 17 23:25:53 EDT 2002 | redmary

We generally etch the copper back slightly using a 50/50 mix of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and laboratory grade Ammonium Hydroxide. Swab for about 5 seconds, then rinse. and etch the tin in the solder to further delineate the intermetallic layer that shou

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