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SnAgBi supplier

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 23 10:36:51 EDT 2002 | blnorman

Actually this is for automotive (radio). According to TWI (the Welding Institute), European auto makers are mandating that suppliers of electronics replace lead in solder by January 1, 2003. I haven't been able to find which specific automotive com

Couple interesting articles on lead-free

Electronics Forum | Tue May 02 11:50:53 EDT 2006 | Rob

Good point Grant, but also to be fair some of our USA suppliers have also been very good in the Leadfree change over - Kemet, Microchip, Lattice, & Diodes Inc to name a few, whereas a the attitude of a couple of our European suppliers have left a lot

SnBi Solder + Dispensable Solder Suppliers

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 10 02:47:27 EDT 2001 | Peter W.

Thank you for your annotaions. I am aware of the limits and temperatures of that material, but we are doing some research with thermoplastic base materials which won't survive standard solder paste reflow soldering. And beside of using conductive ad

Printed circuit boards materials

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 12 22:50:46 EDT 2004 | davef

For more information on flame retardents, try these sites: * http://www.bsef.com * http://www.firesafety.org For the summary of a study into flame retardants try: http://www.surrey.ac.uk/PRC/ IVF carried out an international study on alternati

Cleaning of PCBA's

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 14 07:10:54 EDT 2005 | John O'reilly

Hello We are currently getting Proto's of legacy product built up in Europe. Our current supplier uses a spec of 14 micrograms or less of sodium chloride per square inch as measured on a omega meter. THe product is Industrial and I am not sure do we

PDBE and PBB replacements???

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 11 18:47:54 EST 2005 | davef

JD: It's important to note that FR-4 does not contain PBB or PBDE. The bromine in FR-4 epoxy comes in the form of tetra-bromo-bisphenol A [TBBA], which polymerizes and become part of the cross-linked epoxy. Bromine, in the form of hydrogen bromide, i

ROHS compliant marking Ink

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 15 13:41:12 EDT 2006 | patrickbruneel

Yes there is RoHS certified ink it just cost twice as much as the regular ink. Just kidding Some people ask for RoHaaS compliance on cardboard boxes, pencils etc. What a mess $%^$ To answer your question, Ink is made from ethanol (ethyl alcohol) and

Re: PCI Press Fit on Daughter Cards

Electronics Forum | Fri May 21 15:51:49 EDT 1999 | JohnW

Wendy.. I found that little nugget a good one from my connector suppliers..Oh we have a tool to put it in for u..only catch was the one I needed was �37K ! ! after falling off my seat I went for something like what I described blow..cost about �1K.

Re: PCI Press Fit on Daughter Cards

Electronics Forum | Wed May 19 14:58:31 EDT 1999 | Wendy Casker

John, Thanks for the advice. I spoke with some of the connector suppliers apps guys today and they have what is called "European" style tooling which consists of top and bottom tooling. The board sits on rails and the Bottom tooling receives the pi

RoHS & WEEE Directives - last time buy obsolete parts

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 01 06:28:08 EDT 2004 | Dolby Laboratories

From time to time, component suppliers decide to discontinue production of components that we use in our products. Occasionally, these components can be sourced elsewhere or designs adapted or altered to accommodate alternates. In many cases, however

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