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Flux evaporation....???

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 21 09:48:37 EDT 1999 | Larry J

Is it possible for flux to evaporate out of the solder paste, and how long would it take? What kind of effect would this have on reflow if all the flux evaporated?

Re: Flux evaporation....???

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 21 10:27:31 EDT 1999 | Brian

Same answer

Isopropyl alcohol

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 27 13:36:51 EST 2016 | sarason

No, but it does evaporate slowly when left open. It is used in electronics cleaning because of it's solvent and evaporative qualities. You can look up references like the CRC handbook to compare these properties side by side to other alcohols that ca

Re: Flux evaporation....???

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 21 11:32:15 EDT 1999 | John Thorup

Larry Elaborating on the specific question, yes, the volatile solvents in the flux can and will evaporate. Evaporate completely in any reasonable amount of time? Probably not. What tends to happen is that the exposed paste dries on the surface and

Evaporator for batch washer...

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 11 11:50:35 EST 2005 | Shean Dalton

Consider these three potential causes: 1) too much sludge - if the sludge builds up around or over the temperature sensor, then the sensor does not get an accurate reading. 2) too much chemistry in the evaporation solution - Check the temperature a

Spray fluxing VOC free, as operation HOURS before wave solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 20 12:14:08 EDT 2006 | Rob

Good question - as it is a water based flux then you are going to get a very low level of solvent evaporation, and it's hardly going to be absorbing additional water whilst sitting around. (you actually want the water (carrier element) to evaporate).

Re: Flux evaporation....???

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 21 10:14:29 EDT 1999 | Larry J

Brian, my main conceren was it evporating once it was printed on to the board before placement.

Re: Stencil screen cleaners

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 23 16:15:30 EDT 1999 | Bill Schreiber

Dear C.K. I agree. The older style "generic" evaporators are cumbersome. However, you should checkout the new Model EZ-0 Wastewater Evaporator. It is made by Smart Sonic specifically for the SMT industry and addresses all of the maintenance relate

Aqueous cleaner water disposal

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 27 13:52:24 EDT 2002 | Mike Konrad

MK, In most cases, if the machine is completely closed-looped (prewash, wash, prerinse, rinse, final rinse etc), then the water should not require changing. As with most inline cleaners, there should be a considerable amount of water loss in the cl

titanium pallets

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 22 20:50:15 EST 2008 | operator

This was my first thought too. Something to do with he flux application or evaporation etc..

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